Is Catalina Island a fun place to go with your family

Just 30 miles south of Long Beach, Catalina Island which is short for Santa Catalina, is a popular city getaway. A 22 miles long and 8 miles wide rocky Island is excellent for a family day trip or a vacation with plenty of things to do for the whole family.

Once a popular spot for older Hollywood stars, William Wrigley chewing gum industrialist, Chicago Cubs baseball team, now is peaceful and charming vacation hub with two small towns Avalon and Two Harbors.

The best time of year for coming to Catalina Island in July and August if you want to swim, because the ocean temperatures are the highest in those months. Unfortunately, it is also when most visitors come to the island for the same reason. The weather is excellent all year long, and you might consider early fall or springtime.

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There are several ways to get to Catalina Island, including an aero plane. Still, most common is Catalina express ferry service that has 30 trips daily and departures from San Pedro, Long Beach and Dana Point.

Catalina Island surfing

Catalina Island has plenty of mountains to climb, exciting valleys, wild buffalo herd left from early Hollywood western movie, and golf cart culture. There is hardly any traffic on the island, and all attractions in Avalon and Two Harbors are reachable on foot.

However, if you are in for a little surfing, you will have to take the bus and walk or go with a private boat to the best locations.

Shark Harbor is the most accessible surfing location, close to the Little Harbor campground. There are buses from both towns on the Island, and you will need a five-minute walk to the next cove to get your surfboard in the ocean.

Ben Weston is more remote, but also popular surfing destination on Catalina Island. The starting point is again Little Harbor campground, but you will have to walk along the road close to the coastline until you reach the bottom of a canyon. Then you will find a trail named Ben Weston, and a long trail will lead you to the beach.

Catalina Island mini golf

For less adventurous visitors, Catalina Island has a real mini-golf attraction for over 40 years. Golf Gardens is near the beach in Avalon and can be an ideal break from sandy beach activities. An excellent 18-hole course is one of the world’s most attractive mini-golf courses with classic styling and layout. Golf Gardens have par 51, and the record is 41.

Catalina Island fishing spots

One of the most popular activities on Catalina Island is fishing. You can take your place at the pier and fish without the license. Some of the sites on and around the island are protected like Casino Point Dive par area and Lover’s Cove, among others. There are lots of fishing charter for big game fishing, or you can rent a boat and find the perfect fishing spot. You can find fishing spots coordinates on various blogs online, and there is an abundance of Yellowtail and the White Sea Bass that feast on schools of sardines and mackerel.

Catalina Island kid-friendly hotels

During the summer months, you could have trouble finding the rooms since most of the capacity is taken. In other seasons, you will find better rates and more accommodation options.

Catalina Canyon Resort and Spa is a family and pet-friendly place with large swimming pool, but not near the beach. Luckily, there is a shuttle to and from Avalon.

The Avalon Hotel is in the center of the town with exciting amenities like a koi pond and fire pit. A family-friendly hotel is known for cheerful staff and a great location.

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Bottom line

Catalina Island has great weather throughout the year, swimming, and surfing beaches, and lots of trails for exploring the hills and valleys of the island. You could play mini-golf or go fishing. Naturally, you could also enjoy a lazy day on a sandy beach.