Virtual numbers: what they are, how they work and whether they help to save

Let’s talk about using a virtual number in business. What are its advantages, disadvantages, and opportunities? And where to use virtual numbers and how to choose the right provider? Also, let’s learn more about Telnum DID numbers.

What is a virtual phone number?

A virtual number is a standard phone number that does not require a physical PBX (automatic telephone exchange) to forward calls.

How redirects work

An incoming call goes to a virtual PBX. The station finds a free line and redirects the call to it. The client calls the company and solves the problem, and places an order. Here is how the redirect works:

The basis of the work is the transmission of information via the Internet.

A special protocol (SIP) converts voice information into digital, transmits it over an IP network to the recipient, and decodes it. Simply put, the virtual number works like a real one, but the information is transmitted over the Internet.

The functions of virtual and real numbers do not differ: receive calls, SMS messages, or register on sites.

Types of virtual numbers

Of course, one number cannot do everything. Therefore, they are different:

  • for receiving SMS – suitable for those who receive a lot of messages a day;
  • for calls – get the number of any country or region and call customers;
  • one-time – for registration on the site;
  • for free calls – suitable for those who have many customers and have a call center.

How virtual numbers help in business

Imagine the following situation: there is a novice businessman Sergey. He sells accessories for technology: laptops, phones, tablets, etc. He has 1-3 clients a day. Sergey communicates with clients by phone or via Telegram and WhatsApp.

While there are few clients, Sergey copes with calls on his own. Responds to everyone and communicates. At some point, he gets bored that there are few buyers. He orders an advertisement for the store, and two days later the phone is torn from calls.

Negative reviews appear on Sergey’s website that the phone is always busy. Nobody answers or calls back. Sergey tries to solve the problem and buys a virtual PBX.

Now customers do not hear short beeps and always call the store. If Sergey does not have time to answer the call, he still knows who called: virtual number services “remember” the contact of the caller and the time of the call.

Now it remains to think about expanding the staff and recruiting call center operators because there are a lot of calls…

In fact, the quality of communication depends on the competence of the client and the technical support of the service.

In support, you voice your requirements, and they help you choose the channel of the virtual number and the bandwidth of the Internet channel. Therefore, with the proper selection of a virtual PBX, there will be no deterioration in communication during a conversation.

Where else can a virtual number come in handy

  • For registration in instant messengers and social networks. If you don’t want to register for the main number, a virtual one will help you.
  • To go remote. For example, employees live in another city or stay at home, but receive calls from the office. Redirection helps with this. The client calls the office, and the PBX redirects him to the operator automatically. It’s comfortable. Especially now, when 80% of people work remotely.

Advantages and disadvantages of virtual numbers

Among the advantages can be identified:

  1. Lots of communication lines. A regular phone has only one line – it will not work to receive many calls. There are many virtual lines, so the number of incoming calls is not limited, and the client will not hear the annoying “busy”.
  2. Communication is cheaper.  All numbers are connected to one virtual PBX and create a single network, so calls within the company will be free. Even abroad.
  3. A number of any region.
  4. Connected in 5 minutes.  A landline telephone requires wires, contracts, and other bureaucracy. It is easier with virtual phones: you buy a number and use it right away.

And from the minuses:

  1. You need stable internet.
  2. The purchased number is sometimes called by past customers.
  3. A page on social networks and instant messengers can be banned.

What functions of virtual numbers are important

Before buying a number and a virtual PBX, analyze the service from which you plan to “purchase”. What things are required:

  • Numbers of the desired region. You need a phone number with an area code – this will increase customer confidence.
  • Free calls for clients. The client will not want to spend money to call you.
  • To sell more, you need information about customers. Therefore, choose a provider that keeps detailed statistics of calls and conversations.

What information does a good service give:

  • customer waiting time;
  • conversation duration;
  • who answered;
  • what advertisement brought the client;
  • when there are more customers (morning, afternoon, evening);
  • conversation record.

Simply put, you need a service with call tracking.

Additional functions

Additional functions will help you not to lose a client, collect statistics, etc.

  • Voice mail. Record your voice and encourage customers to leave messages if they don’t get a response.
  • Answering machine. It will help you not to lose a client.
  • Setting up call forwarding schemes so that the client gets to the right operator.
  • Integration with CRM systems (Customer relationship management).


Use virtual numbers in business to handle more customers.

Before connecting, communicate with support and ask all your questions. This is how you set up a cloud-based PBX for your purposes: receiving SMS, communicating with customers, and registering on sites.

If you do not have time to deal with connecting virtual numbers, use the services of companies that specialize in this.

As a result, you will save time and money. Good luck!