How to open an online checking account in 5 minutes?

Modern business is impossible without cash. Literally, every businessman not only makes a profit from his business, but also deducts taxes, purchases goods and services for the office, and also pays wages to employees.

It is the business-related functionality that distinguishes the current account from other types of accounts. Entrepreneurs should not only know how to open an online checking account in 5 minutes, but also choose a worthy option among the many offers.

That’s why WestStein experts have compiled detailed information on how to create an account and get the most out of it.

Why might I need a free online account?

If you are a legal entity, then sooner or later you will think about how to optimize your work with finances and try to choose a reliable online account. We assure you that this will greatly simplify the activity, as it will allow you to easily perform the necessary operations:

  • make payments with partners and counterparties;
  • pay taxes and make contributions;
  • order services to the office, purchase consumables;
  • pay salaries to employees;
  • take part in government tenders;
  • conclude legal contracts with a non-cash payment method.

In addition, any self-employed worker can use an individual online payroll account.

How to quickly open an account online?

WestStein’s online account has become a favorite among customers due to its user-friendly and intuitive mobile app, where you can track all financial transactions. In addition, our users receive constant client consulting in a format that is convenient for them.

First of all, we value your privacy, which is why WestStein plastic is protected by the Mastercard 3D Secure system for additional protection, as well as an individual PIN code.

To open an account, follow very simple steps:

  1. Find the “Open my account” plate on
  2. The next step is registration – it definitely won’t take much time.
  3. Next, you should confirm the mobile phone number and email address that was provided during registration.
  4. Immediately after the verification, an individual account is available to you – replenish it and use it.

A huge advantage is that our service makes it possible to obtain an international bank account number IBAN, which allows you to transfer funds abroad at any time.