How to cheapen teeth whitening with the Philips Zoom lamp

Teeth whitening with the lamp is one of the fastest ways to get a whiter smile. However, most patients do not feel discomfort during the procedure. But it is also beneficial for dentistry. So, the service life of the device is more than 50,000 hours.

If you use a Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed ​​lamp, then this also saves on electricity up to 40% compared to previous generations of lamps. In addition, savings are also achieved when using an infinite chip.

How to save money on the use of Philips Zoom?

The process of teeth whitening with this device involves the use of a set of consumables. What it includes:

  • Whitening gel;
  • Light guide limiter (chip);
  • Liquid Dam;
  • Oil with vitamin E;
  • Gel activator;
  • Gel for removal of sensitivity;
  • Retractor;
  • Mouthguards and a container for their storage;
  • Cotton rolls, napkins.

The most expensive of these consumables is a chip for a bleaching lamp. It is designed for one procedure. The procedure consists of 3-4 cycles lasting 15 minutes each. That is, a new chip must be used for each patient. It is quite expensive.

Therefore, it is advisable to use an external “endless” chip, which always shows all 4 sessions as available. Once purchased such a chip – and you can forever forget about this consumable.

It does not need dechip, it works with Zoom lamps of different versions, including the latest WhiteSpeed.

How does the Bleach Infiniter chip work?

The original Philips Zoom chips that come with the Zoom whitening kits are limited to 4 sessions of 15 minutes each. Approximately the same number of cycles is needed to whiten the patient’s teeth.

So, whitening with a Philips Zoom lamp takes an average of 60 minutes. After all 4 sessions have been used, you will see “Replace Guide” on the Zoom light display and the lamp will not work until you replace the chip with a new one.

Chips are quite expensive consumables, and their frequent replacement significantly affects the price of bleaching.

How to get around this limitation? The Bleach Infiniter chip unlocks the Zoom lamp, so it will always show “4 out of 4 sessions” and thus will work almost indefinitely without changing the chip.

No more “Change Chip” messages and no extra costs. In this case, the chip does not affect the operation of the lamp. The lamp is not tampered with and continues to be under the manufacturer’s warranty.

The warranty period of its work is 10 years. Bleach Infiniter chips have made whitening much more affordable.

Where to buy an unlimited chip for Philips Zoom?

From Bleach Infiniter you can buy everything for teeth whitening – Zoom lamp, unlimited Bleach Infiniter chip.

The chip is guaranteed for 10 years. Reviews of dentists indicate that the external whitening chip does not affect the quality of the lamp, it can be used daily. The chip pays off literally in 3-4 bleachings.

At the moment, it is used in the work of dentists in more than 60 countries around the world. You can order a device that allows you to reduce the cost of whitening online on the official website of the manufacturer.

Open Zoom advanced power light guide with Bleach-Infiniter chip!