How does video marketing work? And why does your business need video?

Let’s talk about different video formats and how they can be used for business purposes. And if everything is clear with video advertising, then many people have questions about the rest of the video content.

Promotional video content accompanies the modern Internet user at every step: on social networks, before watching other videos on Youtube, on entertainment sites, and in online cinemas.

We are used to watching a video, and we perceive it easily. While watching the video, our main organs of perception are involved – sight and hearing. But the most important thing is that the video can evoke emotions in us.

You can make a traditional promo video with a story about your company or as a video business card for posting on the company’s website. A good and honest video adds credibility to your brand and company.

The main thing is to make videos useful for the user. These videos will be informative, they will demonstrate your caring attitude towards potential and real customers and unobtrusively remind you of your company.

CRFT Video Studio creates amazing and enthralling videos for your business which will help you attract the attention of potential customers, and make your brand more memorable and recognizable.

Why do homepage videos drive phenomenal results to websites?

You have 8 seconds to make a first impression on your website’s homepage. If you get a visitor’s attention, you need to maintain it every 8 seconds (that’s about every 20 words). No website promotion will make sense if you have not retained the attracted visitor!

It is easy and simple to attract an audience and describe all the benefits of your product with a video. Instead of describing all the advantages of the product in textual form, advanced companies use video content.

On average, only 28% of words are actually read on websites. For comparison: one video on the Internet holds attention for about 2.7 minutes. Does it make sense to convert all your product information into a 60-second, 150-word video?

The video is likely to be watched from start to finish, the information is more likely to be saved, it is easier to share with friends, and it is easier to impress in this way. If you post a video on the homepage, most people will watch the video with interest.

In the learning process, video information is absorbed better.

A recent study of 221 students showed that almost half (105) of the students were visual and only 11 students were auditory. People prefer to see how a particular tool works than to read about it – visibility makes it easier to understand.

Promotional or commercial videos almost do not contain text, all messages are purely visual or auditory.

With the help of video, you can easily and simply explain what your business is. Compared to text that spans several pages, video is ultimately made faster, takes up less space, and communicates your strengths more effectively.

Plain text will not impress the modern consumer as much as the video will – it is a scientific and intellectual transformation.