Childhood alopecia: How to help your child feel more confident

Alopecia is the partial or complete loss of hair on the head. Causes are congenital abnormalities, endocrine system disorders, and taking highly toxic drugs while treating severe diseases. Adults face the problem at different periods of life, they perceive hair loss hard.

So you probably can imagine what a diagnosed with alopecia child feels. He or she has to face school bullying and ignorance of people on the street. That’s why comprehensive help from different specialists is important.

Doctor’s advice

Since the cause of the disease may be autoimmune, fungal, toxic, or hereditary, self-medication is strongly discouraged. What parents can do, in addition to giving their child medications prescribed by the doctor:

  • Provide conditions for proper sleep and rest;
  • Pick a complete diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • Protect your child’s head from ultraviolet light, and from May to September it is mandatory to wear a headdress.

Observations have shown that not only do they make you feel better, but the hair begins to grow faster.

How to deal with the psychological side of the problem

Parents and other relatives have an obligation to provide as much moral support to the child as possible. An important step is to keep in touch with the community that unites children with alopecia.

This is facilitated by the examples of adults who have lived with alopecia all their lives and are happy.

In order for the child to become confident and not be afraid to talk to people, parents also need to be aware of and accept the presence of alopecia. It helps to be open when neighbors and new acquaintances simply explain: “Yes, my child has alopecia. Hair loss is not contagious. The adults’ confidence is passed on to their children.

The best gift for children with alopecia is a quality wig

Sometimes it is very difficult for a child with alopecia to be among his peers. In order not to traumatize your child, even more, you’d better order a wig or hair replacement system.

There are a lot of wig shops you can go to, but we recommend SV Atelier by Sergey Vorontsov. Made by the author’s method, these products are indistinguishable from natural hair. It is almost impossible to recognize the wig and replacement system outwardly.

The systems are created exactly according to the measurements taken by a professional. Customization is not their only advantage. Replacement systems allow you to have the same normal life as with your own hair. You can:

  • swim;
  • jog and play games;
  • workout;
  • dance;
  • generally have an active lifestyle.

The replacement system and wig from SV Atelier stay securely on the head.

The product will allow the child to overcome the fear of first contact with other children.

Parents have the power to give a child with alopecia a happy childhood. Don’t give up in the face of circumstances – make an effort and take an original approach.