Best CS: GO Skins for AK-47 in 2022

Through the ages, Valve provided many updates bringing many essential innovations to the game. While some touched only on the matchmaking options and map structure, the others offered different collections with beautiful CS: GO skins.

The players admired them and tried to get the best due to their specific needs. The most regular of them are the following

  • common weapon that the player primarily enjoys playing with.
  • the rarity and the popularity of the item.
  • the skin’s float value and look.
  • price and accessibility.

AK-47 has always been the most famous T-side weapon, which is always present in buy-rounds of matchmaking, and that’s why the AK-47 items are considered the 1st priority among the other CS:GO skins.

Let’s discover the most exciting designs, which the community mainly demands in 2022.

Top 5 Skins for AK-47

In the list below, you’ll find both expensive and cheap skins. The goal is to determine that the price doesn’t play a decisive role in the item’s look, and even low-priced ones can have excellent designs.

“Aquamarine Revenge” – In the first days, the skin won the attention of millions. Its excellent combination of light and dark colors and the exciting water theme main image make such a CS: GO skin unique.

The barrel and frame are bright turquoise, while the buttstock and the handguard are black. However, the attention was entirely paid to portraying white and red dolphins in the frame. Overall, the price for the skin is variable and depends on its quality – $20-90.

“Hydroponic” – The skin is usually valued by a specific group of players who enjoy something unusual. Several gun elements remain the same as the original version, while its frame and barrel are light green.

The bamboo leaves and branches complement the design’s specificity. However, the lowest-quality skin can be purchased for $600, making it one of the most expensive AK-47 items.

“Phantom Disruptor” – It is the exciting skin that confirms the great wish of the designers to provide AK-47 skins elaborately. The skin is made in different colors representing the giant monster on it. It looks scary because of many light blue eyes and huge sharp teeth.

Despite the excellent design, the price is not very high – it starts from $5 on the marketplace.

“Cartel” – It’s a unique skin, which doesn’t lose its look characteristics even with the quality decrease. The pattern represents different images of skulls, flowers, animals, etc. The item is entirely affordable for CS: GO fans and can be purchased for $8-10.

“Frontside Misty” – Such an item was always popular among esportsmen and ordinary players from the community due to its exceptional design. You can see the snow whirlwinds made of white, black, and light blue all over the gun.

The item is not expensive and costs $13-15.

The CS: GO skins for AK-47s are one of the most demanded in the game. Beautiful items can be purchased cheap and make the game more exciting for those who want it. The critical aspect is understanding that the price doesn’t influence the wish to play with good skin.