Zhou Guanyu and George Russell involved in horror crash at the British Grand Prix

Zhou Guanyu involved in horrific crash on first lap of British GP after collision with George Russell which saw the Brit rush to the Chinese driver’s aid – as Alfa Romero confirm he is OK and is on his way to a medical centre

  • George Russell and Zhou Guanyu crashed into each other on the opening lap
  • Zhou’s car flipped over and it looked like he could be seriously hurt
  • However, he quickly received attention and his team confirmed that he is OK 

George Russell and Zhou Guanyu were involved in a huge crash on the opening lap of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

The pair started eighth and ninth on the grid, and their two cars collided as they tried to go around the first corner, which caused them to go flying off the track.

Russell was able to leave his car quickly and appeared unharmed, but Zhou’s car rolled over, leading to the Brit rushing over to help him. 

Medics were also on hand to provide assistance, as they tried to get Zhou out of his car.

Sky Sports have since reported that Zhou was able to get out safely, and his team, Alfa Romeo, have confirmed that the Chinese driver is OK. 

The 23-year-old is heading to a medical centre as a precaution after the high-speed collision.

Following the incident, the race was red-flagged while race officials cleared the track and ensured that Zhou and Guanyu were uninjured.

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Zhou Guanyu’s car flipped over at the British Grand Prix after a crash with George Russell

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