You’ve been using your shoe rack wrong your whole life: Mum wows with simple storage solution

You’ve been using your shoe rack wrong your whole life: Mum-of-three wows with her simple storage solution

  • A mum has shocked followers by revealing the right way to use a shoe rack
  • She slips shoes between the railings on the rack rather than on top 

A mum-of-three has revealed how you’ve been using your shoe rack wrong your entire life – and it will transform how you store your shoes.

The British mum, who is known as clean with Joanne, ‘randomly saw’ a hack about using a shoe rack in an unexpected way and said she has ‘never looked back’. 

Rather than placing shoes flat on top of her $45 IKEA Tsujig shoe rack, Joanne puts each pair of shoes inside the bars.

A mum-of-three (pictured) has shared a simple life hack that has completely transformed how she and her family store their shoes

Wrong: Joanne no longer places her shoes flat on top of the IKEA shoe rack

Right: She inserts a pair of shoes inside the bars

Rather than placing shoes flat on top of the IKEA shoe rack, Joanne puts a pair of shoes inside the bars

‘Show me the life hack that you randomly saw one day that is now an unconscious standard practice in your life,’ the mum posted on TikTok.


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‘I’m actually shocked at how many people don’t know that you can do this.’

She said her old method of putting the shoes on top never worked as they ‘end up being piled up’.

She believes that method makes it difficult to find the shoes you’re looking for and stops you fitting as many shoes as you’d like on the rack.

‘It’s just easier for the kids when they’re trying to find their shoes so they don’t have to scramble through everything. They’re just there in a line and they can see them,’ she said about the hack.

However she acknowledged that some people may not like it as you can see the bottoms of the shoes.

She advised turning the shoes the opposite way to prevent people seeing the bottom of the shoe.

For footwear like boots that don’t fit into the slots, Joanne recommends putting them to the side of the rack in a less visible area.

The mum was very surprised with the reaction to the video as she thought her method was well-known. 

‘I didn’t actually think it was a tip because I thought everyone did it this way,’ she admitted.

‘Surely I’m not the only person who’s never thought of putting shoes that way on the rack. New life hack,’ one woman said. 

‘Wait what I just threw this rack away because it didn’t hold enough shoes,’ another wrote.

‘I’m going to use this tomorrow when I go to my daughters, she has one of these racks and I’m going to rearrange all her shoes,’ another commented.

However, some mums said they had been using the rack like that for years.

‘That’s how it’s meant to be used,’ one woman said.