Woman treated for gunshot wounds on Capitol grounds


Acting Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli cautioned demonstrators on Twitter, saying:

“If you are entering the Capitol Building against police orders, you must leave. There is a proper venue to resolve grievances. This is not it.” 


Cuccinelli premised his tweet by citing the protests last summer in Portland that the Trump administration repeatedly condemned, placing blame on leftist organizations.

“For months over the summer we rightly condemned Antifa for storming federal buildings in Portland,” he said.

It’s unclear whether Cuccinelli was suggesting whether Antifa was involved in the escalating situation unfolding at the Capitol. 

Earlier today, DHS spokesperson Alexei Woltornist said: “The Department of Homeland Security has stood up the DHS Virtual Situation Room to facilitate department and interagency communication and coordination as we do for many large events in DC.”

CNN has reached out to DHS for updates, in light of recent developments.

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