Wikipedia: From Largest Encyclopedia To Biggest Content Marketing Platform

You have to be living under a rock if you are not aware of what Wikipedia is. One of the largest online encyclopedia, Wikipedia is one of the highly-visited website when it comes to extracting information on any topic and subject. With almost half a million people visiting this on a monthly basis, most of the internet users consider the world without Wikipedia as incomprehensible.

Undeniably, Wikipedia encompasses a community of its own. With millions of international Wiki-volunteers and writers offering their services, Wikipedia is one of the highest linked websites of the online world. Available in more than 270 languages, Wikipedia is not just a platform for the information seekers, but it also provides opportunities to those looking for making a powerful impact on the online world.

Why Wiki Works?

First things first, Wikipedia works because it is reliable. Trust doesn’t come that easy, and more than a million people trust Wikipedia with credibility and authenticity which is why Wiki works. Not only Wikipedia provides its users with loads of information, but it also ensures that the derived information is reliable enough to be referred to.

Wikipedia has been regarded as the digital project and assignment assistant of the students. However, with a change in time, the marketing strategies went through some incredible changes and inclusion of Wikipedia in marketing strategies is one of those few changes. What makes Wikipedia great is that, unlike other platforms, the text-based nature has made it a site purely for content and well-written pieces.

The site is run by hundreds and thousands of volunteers which ensure the wiki-worthiness of the content before it is submitted for publication. At its core, Wikipedia is all about spreading knowledge to all without any discrimination against cast, creed, culture or language.

The Marketing Aspect Of Wiki:

Let’s start by stating the facts. Wikipedia is one of the largest digital encyclopedia of the online world. Anyone and almost everyone can access it and use it. Whether you want to create a wiki post or you want to to make some amends to the existing of the platform, Wikipedia has no restriction on as to who can and who cannot use it.

Ever since its inception, Wikipedia has been the hub if information—a place where everyone can find information on everything. It might be the core reason as to why the wiki links and wiki pages appear among the highest ranking pages on every search engines results pages.

Penning down an exceptional piece is not a difficult job for many but making that composed content wiki-worthy requires expertise and clear understanding of the Wikipedia guidelines and rules—which is when the Wikipedia writers for hire come into the play.

Do You Really Need Wikipedia And Its Experts?

If you are looking for possibilities to boost your business or brand’s reputation, having a page on Wikipedia is the ultimate solution for your content and SEO marketing approaches. Here’s how:

  • The Content Marketing Aspect:

The content available on Wikipedia is highly-trusted and is regarded as one of the most credible pieces of information. Having a successful page not only boosts the reputation of your business but it also adds the values of credibility and reliability to your business content.

Making your content wiki-worthy requires a little investment, be it in the form of money, time or effort. If you are a skilled writer with a clear comprehension of wiki guidelines, then you can make a wiki page on your own. However, if you don’t have the time to invest in writing you can invest a little money to contact and employ Wikipedia writers for hire. These wiki experts not only ensure the wiki-worthiness of your content but also make sure that the successful publication of it on Wikipedia.

  • The SEO Marketing Aspect:

When it comes elevating your SERP rankings, nothing works better than a wiki link. A successful wiki page can do wonders to your SEO marketing strategies. Since the core purpose of SEO marketing is to increase the online visibility and digital presence of the business. A successful wiki page is the ranking and visibility booster of many businesses and brands around the globe.

Since Wikipedia is an open source website, it is prone to vandalism which means anyone can make misedits to your existing page if it is not monitored and maintained. It is the chief reason as to why many companies hire wiki experts and experienced editors to make sure that not only their business content is updated on time but also ensures the safeguard of crucial information posted on the platform.


Wikipedia is indeed one of the most innovative approaches for content marketing. Since the site has some strict guidelines which should be followed at all times, it is usually preferred to go for online or offline Wikipedia page creation services. A successful wiki page is not just a credible source of information of your business but a reputation builder which improves the overall stature of your brand in your market and industry niche.