Why Qigong Is The Ancient Exercise You Should Try

Qigong is an ancient practice of originating in China some 5000 years ago and is very much influenced by Yoga. At Evolution yoga retreats you can experience this traditional Chinese spiritual form of yoga, this Chinese method believes that a healthy mind, body and soul is determined by an open flow of positive qi through the body’s meridian system to enhance communication channels in both physical and emotional states.

The physical exercises associated with Qigong (which can also be called Chi Kung) can be experienced during a fulfilling, peaceful and re-energising break at a specialist Qigong retreat.

A Qigong holiday is a unique opportunity to learn how to deepen your breathing and expand your mental well-being within the surroundings of a peaceful haven. If you are new to Qigong, you will experience a powerful way to cleanse and tonify your mind and body in a tranquil and natural environment. The main focus of this practice being the yin organs of the body which over time tend to get a little sluggish due to toxicity from the food we consume or the water and air we breathe. This causes the surrounding fascia of each organ to harden or become a little sticky, which inhibits the organ to function at an optimal level. By using specialized movements for each organ we are able to loosen the surrounding tissue allowing for much needed fluid and nutrients to reach a specific area.

If we think about our modern way of living especially for those of us who have to spend a lot of time at our desks then it is easy to see that as we sit we tend to slump and compress in our abdominal area. Looking through the lens of qigong this is how our qi (bioelectricity) becomes stagnant which can lead to a lot of breathing, digestive and circulatory problems.

The basis of Qigong is to embrace the emotions, movements and characteristics of five animals; the tiger, deer, bird, bear and monkey, each with five key forms of movement designed to allow the meridian channels to loosen and flow. The exercises related to each animal can bring benefits to digestion, build joint flexibility, level the emotive state and help to reduce anxiety.

During a spiritual break at a Qigong retreat, you will also discover an all-embracing technique to regulate Yin Yang internally, allowing body organ functionality to improve. Each of the five animal forms also has an association with the body’s internal organs with movements and exercises designed to stimulate the liver, kidneys, lungs, heart and spleen.

The beauty of Qigong is that it’s a discipline that’s available to people of all fitness levels or physical conditions, who want to achieve a state of mental calm, improve their circulation, balance, coordination or simply raise their levels of energy, alertness or flexibility.

Many people begin their Qigong journey for the health benefits the discipline brings. We can help you to reap the numerous advantages of Qigong, so join us as you take the first steps to a more fulfilled life with a Qigong retreat holiday and enjoy the immensely positive impact it awakens within your mental and physical well-being. Try the new style of you at evolutionary yoga retreats to boost your health.