Who makes the best wood carving knives

When you start on your way to wood carving, one of the first questions that come to mind is “How to choose a wood carving knife and who out of all manufacturers to choose?”. It is indeed a tough question because the answer is subjective for each and every carver. Everything depends on what you want to do with those knives, what you need for that and who is going to be the best in supporting you on your way.

The wood carving knives’ manufacturer we would like to share with you today is BeaverCraft. They have been on the market for a couple of years now and the quality of their tools is already known amongst the carver community. The best thing I find for myself is that there is a great variety of tools and sets on offer.

You can find sets for beginners with patterns and tutorials attached, you can get a particular knife or a chisel if you know what you want or you can decide to get a set of knives, chisels or a stropping kit – you will be satisfied with the number of options anyways (and the results, of course).

This manufacturer operates from Europe – Ukraine, to be exact. That’s the biggest county in Eastern Europe and these guys claim to feel responsible for proving the needed quality of European goods. They’ve got good offers on carving wood and tools so can provide you with whatever you might need for your hobby.

You’ll also enjoy their Facebook and YouTube pages. The YouTube channel they have is full of useful tips and tutorials for beginners and on their Facebook, they chat with the community regularly.

So, overall, there are a few things to learn about choosing wood carving knives. You need to pay attention to the quality of the blade and the handle – how comfortable it is going to be working with it, how sharp and strong the blade is, what type of metal it is made of.

All the tools that BeaverCraft produces have high-carbon steel blades which makes them premium quality – it is known that high-carbon steel is great for carving. It holds the edge better than a lot of its alternatives, is easier to sharpen and is a great material for any knife in general.

Because of its hardness and resistance to wear, high-carbon steel is often used in making tools and that’s the sign of their high quality and suitability for carving in particular.

And what about the handles? They have to be ergonomic – made specifically for carving and responding to the requirements of a long working process with them, comfortable to use for a long period of time.

BeaverCraft’s instruments have wooden handles enriched with oils, not slippery or heavy, so you’ll be comfortable using them if you don’t work with additional tools like a mallet or a hammer. Their tools are designed for handwork only.

Of course, the choice is still up to you. The best thing might be to explore the market, try out some tools your friends already have or the ones you can get easily and without much risk. You can also rely on the reviews like mine and enjoy carving without an extra thinking process. Have fun!