What is a pedicab ride?

Everything new is well forgotten old. Despite the abundance of options for moving around the city as a passenger, both gasoline and electric vehicles’ use of the driver’s muscular power is still in demand.

The pedicab, in its classic layout, is a three-wheeled cab bike, with a driver pedaling, equipped with two seats in the back for passengers. Advanced pedicabs are sometimes equipped with auxiliary motors, most often electric drives.

This exotic form of transport is used in cities that are popular among tourists. City visitors have a great opportunity to see the sights at a relaxed pace, immersing themselves in the atmosphere of the city, not overloading their feet, and having a personal guide-driver.

Pedicabs take you to places in the city where you can’t get by car, such as parklands, pedestrian streets, etc.

In most U.S. cities this type of transportation is quite developed. One of the main driving forces in this business is the possibility of advertising on pedicabs, which certainly attract the eyes of passersby. For example, pedicab advertising in San Diego covers a number of companies engaged in this business.

What are the advantages of pedicab as a business?

One of the reasons for the success of this type of business is the low price point of entry. In addition, they can be rented from specialized organizations, usually referred to as “shops” on a variety of conditions, including the analogy of the cab to work in taxi companies. It turns out that you can get started as pedicabber without start-up money.

An important advantage of this model of the vehicle, unlike cabs, is that there is no need to buy fuel or charge electric batteries. You just get in and go. Of course, this is another positive aspect in terms of ecology as well.

There are practically no repair costs. You can operate bicycle transport for a long time without worrying about possible breakdowns. There is literally nothing to break. Also, the cost of ongoing maintenance is almost non-existent.

Well, it is obvious that this job allows you to work out, physically develop yourself while earning an income. Millions of people have exercise bikes at home and pedal in order to keep themselves in good physical shape. Here, they also get paid for it.

Stumbling blocks in pedicab riding

This activity is not suitable for anyone. First of all, you have to be in great physical shape. It is one thing to ride a two-wheeled bike and quite another to propel a relatively heavy pedicab for many hours, moreover with passengers on board.

The demand for this kind of transportation is seasonal, depending on the weather, day of the week, and time of day. It is unlikely that there are those who want to stay outdoors for a long time in the cold season or in rainy weather. On weekdays there will also be significantly fewer orders.

To sum it up, if you want to grow in fitness, work outdoors and socialize with new people every day, pedicabs are a worthy application of your talents.

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