What Allowances You Will Enjoy After Being Appointed As A SBI Clerk?

The banking sector is huge and so the opportunity for the young generation. You can clear the SBI Clerk exam if you do your preparation with the best efforts. When it comes to choosing a career, youth always want to know what sort of allowances they will be having once they get hired for the job position. To get into the banking sector, it needs to start from a clerk job post so that candidates get familiar with everything related to banking. Clerk job posts make candidates learn from scratch.

The Institute For Banking Personnel Selection conducts the IBPS clerk exam every year. It is tough to ignore that it is regarded as being one of the most competitive examinations in the country. Every year lakhs of students prepare for it. Therefore, its preparation needs to be done accurately. IBPS Clerk mock test is regarded quite important since it makes you have an idea regarding the exam. Candidates may also go ahead for pre-examination IBPS Clerk training the candidate. IBPS exam holds two phases called prelims and main exam. It will be ideal if you buy standard IBPS books to accumulate in-depth information.

Detailed Information Of IBPS Clerk Allowances:

IBPS Clerk is the beginning point of a job in any bank. It means you will be having a plethora of job opportunities to get promoted to grab an officer cadre. If you are talented and believe in keep learning then no one can stop you to reach a higher post. An IBPS Clerk is confirmed after 6 months of service. The more you keep learning everything with interest, the more you will get skilled. If you want to get eligible for a promotional exam, you would be needed to wait for a span of a few years. Once you accomplish this exam, you may go ahead to become a Trainee Officer. Then you will be regarded with the same level of PO.

Most people keep asking about IBPS Clerk allowances. Though it is an interesting topic to discuss too. Here, we are going to explain everything in a detailed manner.


  • Special Allowance: 


Let us start with a special allowance. Talking about the special allowance, it is 7.5 percent of the basic pay. Once your one year is accomplished then you will be allowed to have a special allowance increased by INR 400 to 500.


  • Dearness Allowance – 


DA is done within every 3 months. You might be wondering when it is increased? It increases every quarter. Moreover, it will be changed as per the CPI. The key term CPI stands for consumer price index called CPI. Banks are responsible to declare it since the DA going up or down can change in CPI.


  • House Rent Allowance – 


The next thing that comes to mind is what is all about House Rent Allowance. The rent of a house differs from city to city. HRA is allowed based on the city in which you are going to get posted. It will be 8.50% of Basic Pay in case you are posted in any metro city. Though the percentage can differ accordingly to the population of the city. For example, it will be 7.50% of basic pay in case you are posted in a city having a population of 5 Lakh. And your HRA will be 6.50% of basic pay in case you are hired in any metro city.


  • Medical Allowance – 


The discussion will be incomplete until the medical allowance is not discussed. Have you also been wondering about medical allowances? To put in simple words, it is fixed at INR 20000. Moreover, it requires paying on an annual basis.

  • Travel Allowance –

The next on the list is travel allowance as most of you might be getting excited about it. This is paid to the candidate only once a year. The amount remains fixed of Travel Allowance, which is INR 2000.

In The Last – 

Hope the above-mentioned points have helped you to get enough idea of it. Banking jobs are best since it brings pride, the best allowances, and incredible experience too. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get indulged into preparation so that you can enjoy all these allowances once you get hired on this post.

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