Want to save £600 on car repairs? Avoid these common traffic light mistakes 

Want to save £600 on car repairs? Avoid these common traffic light and driving mistakes

  •  Harsh braking and riding the clutch can shorten the lifespan of car parts 
  •  Overusing the clutch could lead to a costly £600 repair  
  •  Motorists told ‘bad driving habits’ can lead to prematurely worn parts

Motorists have been warned of the ‘bad driving habits’ which could be costing them up to £600 in car repairs. 

Amidst the rising cost of living crisis, many people are keen to change daily habits to save money.

Insight from car experts shows some of the habits drivers should be changing to avoid costly repairs. 

Braking harshly, riding the clutch and driving with your hand resting on the gear stick can shorten the lifespan of car parts – meaning they need to be replaced more frequently.

Andrew Jervis, CEO of leading online car repair platform ClickMechanic, said: ‘Many of us are guilty of bad driving habits but most won’t know that this can actually cost us money by prematurely wearing out parts.’

Below are some of the most common mistakes drivers make, along with their average repair cost. 

Motorists have been advised that altering ‘bad driving habits’ could help them avoid spending money on unnecessary repair costs.  

Riding the clutch

Average cost to repair: £600

A clutch, present in all cars with a manual gearbox, is particularly susceptible to wear and tear.

Clutches are expensive and can cost up to £900, depending on the car, so it is important to protect them wherever possible.

Mr Jervis said: [Riding the clutch] is a bad idea because as the clutch slips it chafes against the flywheel and gently wears it out. Avoid doing this and these parts should last much longer.’

Keeping the clutch engaged at traffic lights

Average cost to repair: £600

Many drivers will be guilty of staying in first gear with their foot down on the clutch when at traffic lights to ensure a faster getaway when the lights turn green.

But this can actually cause expensive parts to wear out prematurely, resulting in the need for a replacement.

Resting your hand on the gear stick

Average gearbox repair: £300

It’s easy for manual car drivers to rest with one hand on the wheel and another on the gear stick.

‘The best habit to maintain is to switch gears swiftly and return your left hand to the steering wheel’, according to Mr Jervis. 

Harsh and late braking

Average cost to replace brake discs and pads: £284

Your brakes are the most important safety feature on your car so treat them with respect, advises Mr Jervis.

Using them with unnecessary force when braking harshly could result in the need for a premature replacement.  

Hitting potholes or speed bumps

Average cost to repair car suspension: £215

Following a harsh winter, potholes are inevitable on our roads, but driving over one should always be avoided where possible.

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