Vigil to be held Saturday afternoon for newborn found in Saskatoon recycling bin

A Saskatoon vigil planned for Saturday afternoon near the spot where the body of a newborn was found in a recycling bin is intended to bring the community together, says an organizer — and to encourage the mother of the child to come forward.

“We’re just the community coming together showing support and love, and showing that we care … and also to call out for answers in hopes that the mother comes forward,” said Mario Fiddler, one of the people organizing the vigil. 

The vigil will be held at 4 p.m. in the alleyway of the 400 block of Fifth Avenue N., where the baby was found dead in a recycling bin on Friday morning.

Saskatoon police said Friday they aren’t sure when the baby was born or when it died, but they do know it was born “recently.”

Police also said as of Friday, they hadn’t yet received any tips about who the mother might be, or where she is.

“Our goal is to basically encourage anybody who comes out to come forward with any information they have that could assist the investigation,” Fiddler said ahead of Saturday’s vigil.

“We’re going to sing, we’re going to pray and we are going to talk,” he said.

An impromptu vigil was held Friday night in Saskatoon for the newborn found in a recycling bin. Another vigil is planned for Saturday afternoon. (Mario Fiddler/Facebook)

An impromptu vigil was held Friday evening at the site where the newborn was found.

“People came by and left teddy bears, they left flowers on the power pole beside the recycling bin,” Fiddler said.

He said police officers returned to the scene while he was there, and took pictures and talked to the people.

Fiddler, who has 12 children, said the death is heart-wrenching.

“You watch this kind of stuff in the movies but you don’t expect it to hit this close to home.”

Saskatoon police continue to investigate and have asked for help finding the mother.

“[I would] stress to her that we are here to provide her with support,” Alison Edwards, a spokesperson for the Saskatoon Police Service, said Friday.

Police are asking the public to report any suspicious incidents to them, or any cases of a woman who appeared to be pregnant but no longer does, with no evidence of a child being born.