Unvaccinated Aussies join dating groups for ‘toxin free singles’

How unvaccinated Aussies are joining dating groups to find ‘toxin free singles’: ‘Let’s keep the bloodline pure!’

  • Anti-vaccination dating groups springing up online
  • Members refer to themselves as ‘pure bloods’ 

Anti-vaxxer Australians are forming their own singles groups with members who want to ‘keep the bloodline pure’ dating, marrying and having children with each other. 

Activist Monica Smit, who was vocal in opposing vaccine mandates during Victoria’s lockdowns, posted to social media Sunday that she had recently been to one of the events. 

‘I attended an UNJABBED singles event on Saturday… what a lovely bunch of people,’ she posted on Instagram.

‘There are countless relationships because of this group and even two marriages and children. If you’re single, you should join them… or search ‘toxin free singles’,’ she said.

The Toxin Free Singles group on Facebook has about 8,400 members from across the globe and recently launched its own dating app.

Activist Monica Smit posted to social media that she had recently been to an event for unjabbed singles looking for love

To join the group, applicants must be single or be in an open relationship, and be unvaccinated for Covid.

But it seems new introductions on the group had been getting bogged down in debates about third-hand Covid vaccine exposure.

‘Discussion on who will sleep with/kiss CV j@bbed is no longer a topic we wish to keep having, it causes arguments and lowers the vibe,’ the group rules state.

‘We can’t draw the line with who people are intimate with. Be an adult and have these discussions before you sleep with someone.’

The weary moderators also added there should be ‘no more Flat Earth discussion’ referring to conspiracy theory that the world is actually flat. 

Infectious diseases expert Professor Peter Collignon said there was no science behind claims that Covid vaccines altered DNA and that vaccines could not be transferred person-to-person through bodily fluids.

‘I mean vaccines don’t insert into DNA… The whole concept is wrong,’ he told news.com.au.

‘So people who do this, I think you’re really narrowing your opportunity for lifelong friendship with somebody. I think the basis of their theory has really no evidence at all.’

Last year the Pure Match dating app launched in Australia for those who refused to get vaccinated during the Covid pandemic

Last year the Pure Match dating app launched in Australia for those who refused to get vaccinated during the Covid pandemic 

Many commenters on Ms Smit’s post about the Australian singles event said the group was great idea. 

‘Who would ever have thought, only a few years ago, that this would even be a thing? Unbelievable! But great work and let’s keep the bloodline pure!’ one said.

Ms Smit, who refers to herself as a ‘freedom fighter’ is due in Melbourne Magistrates Court on May 15 to contest two Covid lockdown fines over a three-day hearing. 

Toxin Free Singles isn’t the first such group to arrive in Australia with a site called Pure Match – not to be confused with the Christian dating app of the same name – launching in 2022.

‘Whether you’re looking to procreate your way out of this, bunker down with a prepper, or simply find a PIC to enjoy the show with, look no further,’ the Pure Match site states.

A similar app called Unjected was released in 2021 but was repeatedly removed from the App store.

Toxin Free Singles has launched its own website domain to avoid any pesky takedowns from Facebook or Apple over misinformation concerns.

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