UK’s daily Covid infections rise 40% in a week to 3,383 amid Indian variant outbreak

UK’s daily Covid infections rise 40% in a week to 3,383 amid Indian variant outbreak but just one death is recorded – as vaccine rollout sees three in four adults given at least one dose


Britain’s daily coronavirus infections today rose 40 per cent in a week after 3,383 cases were recorded amid a growing outbreak of the Indian variant, but only one death was registered.

Some three in four adults have now received at least one dose of the Covid vaccine, Department of Health figures revealed, after another 120,243 first doses were dished out yesterday taking the total to 39.3million people. And an additional 204,282 second jabs were administered, covering 25.5million people or almost half of all adults.

Covid figures tend to be lower on Mondays because fewer people were working over the weekend, and Britons are less likely to get swabbed for the virus at this time. But a rise compared to the same time last week clearly points to the country’s Covid cases heading upwards. 

It comes as a Government minister today acknowledged England’s June 21 Freedom Day could be in jeopardy after a number of SAGE advisers publicly called for the end of restrictions to be pushed back.

During a round of interviews this morning, Environment Secretary George Eustice said the Government couldn’t ‘rule anything out’ when asked if the next phase of the roadmap could be delayed.

He insisted a decision would be made in a fortnight’s time when ministers will know more about the effect of the Indian strain — which is making up three-quarters of all new infections — on hospital rates.

The comments mark a significant shift in tone from No10, which was bullishly claiming just days ago there was no reason to deviate from their lockdown-ending plans.

High profile SAGE adviser Professor Ravi Gupta, who sits on the NERVTAG subgroup of the committee, today urged the Government to push back unlocking by ‘a few weeks’ to allow more people to get jabbed.

And Professor Susan Michie, who sits on SAGE’s SPI-B committee, echoed his calls saying Britain was teetering on a ‘knife edge’ as it approached the deadline and could see cases spike.

Blackburn today became Britain’s new Covid hotspot after infections there surged 70 per cent in a week driven by the Indian variant, as it overtakes Bolton and Bedford to become the worst-hit place in the country.