Tyreek Hill attempts to galvanize his Dolphins teammates by explaining his fearless mindset of NOT wearing sleeves for sub-zero playoff vs Chiefs: ‘If you believe it’s going to be cold, then you’re going to freeze your BALLS off’

  • Hill is trying to stay positive after his $6.5million home caught fire last week 
  • The 29-year-old wideout played the first six seasons of his career with the Chiefs 
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Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill is attempting to galvanize his teammates before their AFC Wild Card game against the Chiefs by explaining the fearless mindset they need take into Saturday’s frigid game in Kansas City.

The 29-year-old, eight-time Pro Bowler told reporters after practice on Thursday that he will not be wearing sleeves as part of his strategy to tackle the cold, and to make others believe that they are also brave enough to play in sub-zero temperatures.

‘If you believe it’s going to be cold then you’re going to freeze your balls off,’ Hill said. ‘But, if you go into this game, like not even thinking about any of that, then you’ll be fine.

‘And with me being me, I played there and I understand the conditions. I’m not even bothered about it at all. So, I’m going to go out there with no sleeves and tell the rest of the guys, ”Hey, look man, it’s a mindset. Those guys see you wearing sleeves, obviously they gonna think you soft”.’

Hill has spent the past week trying to stay positive after rushing home from practice last Wednesday as firefighters doused the roof of his burning $6.9million home with water. Officials later found the fire was started by a child playing with a cigarette lighter in a bedroom.

Dolphins wideout Tyreek Hill plans to brave the cold in Kansas City for Miami’s wild card game 

Hill added that he doesn’t know when he and his family will be able to move back into the property, but for now, his mind is only on the Dolphins’ playoff journey. 

Hill spent the first six seasons of his eight-year career with Kansas City, racking up 6,630 receiving yards on 479 catches, with 56 touchdowns. 

He won a Super Bowl with the Chiefs after the 2019 season and was a first-team All-Pro three times, including his rookie season in 2016. 

Miami lost to Kansas City 21-14 when the teams met in Germany in Week 9, and Hill expressed then his disappointment that he wasn’t facing his old team at Arrowhead Stadium, where he remembers Chiefs fans chanting his name in a Thursday night game against the Raiders when he was a rookie. 

‘That was a very special moment for me,’ Hill said. ‘Because as a kid, that’s what you grow up visualizing in your head: ‘Man, I’m going to have moments like that.’ For that to happen to me, it was a very special moment.’

Hill wanted Dolphins-Chiefs to be played at Arrowhead and not in Frankfurt, Germany in Nov.

Hill wanted Dolphins-Chiefs to be played at Arrowhead and not in Frankfurt, Germany in Nov.

Hill said he’s experienced enough that he’s treating Saturday night like any other game. As for the reaction he’ll receive from Kansas City fans, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is expecting a conditional warm welcome.

‘I expect KC to give him nothing but love,’ Kelce said, ‘until he’s putting up the peace sign or something like that. Then he might hear a few boos.’

Hill’s former teammates know the challenge of defending his speed, having seen him flash the peace sign at countless defenders after breaking free for touchdowns. Hill was the NFL’s leading receiver in yardage with 1,799 and touchdowns with 13, and he will try to help the Dolphins win their first playoff game since December 30, 2000, when they beat the Colts in overtime.

Miami has won all three of its playoff games against the Chiefs, two wild-card matchups and a divisional-round game in 1971 that went to double overtime and remains the longest game in NFL history. 

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