Two boys arrested for kidnapping after car was stolen from owner’s driveway with sons inside

Two boys, both 15, are arrested for kidnapping after car was stolen from owner’s driveway with his children aged two and four still inside

  • A car containing owner’s sons, aged two and four, was stolen from a driveway  
  • Car was stopped 15 mins after police called and the pair, 15, taken into custody 
  • Incident was described as ‘every parent’s worst nightmare’ by police 

Two boys aged 15 are in police custody suspected of kidnap after a car was stolen with the owner’s young children inside.

The vehicle was driven off a driveway in Birmingham at about 5pm and the distraught father of the boys, aged two and four, immediately raised the alarm.

Crews from response, traffic and firearms were dispatched, as well as dog units and a helicopter to aid the search.

The dramatic moment the car was brought to a stop was shared on Twitter by the Firearms Operations Unit

The stolen car, a Seat Leon, was seen driving the wrong way down a duel carriageway before armed officers stopped it on the A38.

Chief Inspector Lee Wiggan called it 'every parent's worst nightmare

Chief Inspector Lee Wiggan called it ‘every parent’s worst nightmare

The two suspects ran from the police but were detained, less than 15 minutes from when the crime was reported.

Both the young boys were found alive and well inside the car and were reunited with their parents at the scene.

The suspects are in custody and will be questioned on suspicion of theft of a motor vehicle and kidnap.

Force incident manager Chief Inspector Lee Wiggan said: “This type of incident is every parent’s worst nightmare.

‘Thankfully we were able to stop the car and reunite the family less than fifteen minutes after it was stolen.

“It’s a fantastic outcome to what was a very serious, urgent incident.

‘My thanks go to the officers involved as well as West Midlands Ambulance Service for their support.”

The Firearms Operations Unit later tweeted: ‘Observations were broadcast for a stolen car in which the owners two children were still sat inside!! 

‘C Unit ARV located and stopped the car on Bristol Road with no injuries. Children are safe and returned to their parents.’