Trump says energy-efficient light bulbs make him look orange

“What’s with the lightbulb?” Trump asked introducing one of several environmentally related rants in his more than hour long remarks. He described energy efficient light bulbs as “many times more expensive than that old, incandescent bulb that worked very well” and “the lights no good.”

“The bulb that we’re being forced to use, number one, to me, most importantly, I always look orange,” he said, to laughs from the audience.

Light bulbs have been a common target for the President whose has used them as a symbol to criticize energy and environmental restrictions.

Federal regulators in the Trump administration lifted energy efficiency regulations earlier for several common types of light bulbs, which critics believe is the administration’s latest assault on efforts to combat climate change and energy use. The administration said the overturned rules, crafted in the final days of the Obama administration and which were set to take effect in January, would cause prices for light bulbs to skyrocket to untenable levels.