Trudeau’s national security and intelligence adviser announces retirement

Greta Bossenmaier, the national security adviser to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who took over the post in the wake of the prime minister’s trouble-prone trip to India, is retiring.

Bossenmaier, the former chief of the Communications Security Establishment, began serving as one of Trudeau’s most senior advisers on May 23 of last year. She’s leaving the public service in December.

“Ms. Bossenmaier has served Canadians with dedication, integrity, and excellence over the past 35 years,” Trudeau said in a press statement.

Bossenmaier, who began her public service career as a scientist for National Defence, has held a number of key security-related positions during her career: deputy minister for the Afghanistan Task Force, associate minister in the Department of Foreign Affairs and deputy minister of international development.

A report issued under her authority by CSE in 2017 warned that online attempts to influence or undermine Canada’s elections system are becoming more frequent, and great caution should be taken to prepare for such threats before the next federal election.

Bossenmaier replaced Daniel Jean as the PM’s national security adviser. Jean is best remembered by Canadians now for his clumsy attempts to explain to reporters how a man convicted of attempted murder managed to get himself invited to two high-profile events with Trudeau, his wife Sophie and senior members of the federal cabinet during a February 2018 trip to India.

Trudeau’s current foreign and defence policy adviser, David Morrison, will fill in on a temporary basis in addition to fulfilling his regular duties until a new national security adviser can be appointed.

“On behalf of all Canadians, I wish Ms. Bossenmaier the very best in retirement and thank her for her commitment and dedication during her exceptional career,” Trudeau said in the statement.