Trudeau pushing back as U.S. looks to place troops near Canadian border

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada is in talks with the United States in response to reports that the Trump administration is thinking of stationing troops near the Canadian border.

As first reported by Global News, White House officials are actively discussing putting soldiers near the Canadian border in light of U.S. border security concerns related to the novel coronavirus pandemic — raising diplomatic anxiety on both sides of the border.

A source with knowledge of those discussions told CBC News the White House is looking at placing 1,000 troops about 25 kilometres from the border and using remote sensors to look out for irregular border-crossers.

The source stressed that the U.S. hasn’t made a final decision.

When asked about the story during a morning news conference, Trudeau said the Canadian government has “been in discussions” with the United States on the issue.

“Canada and the U.S. have the longest unmilitarized border in the world. It is very much in both of our of interests for it to remain that way,” Trudeau told reporters.

“It’s benefited our two countries, our two economies tremendously. We feel that it needs to remain that way.”