Triple H refuses to comment on sex trafficking claims against Vince McMahon as he ‘chooses to focus on the positives’ after Royal Rumble and admits he hasn’t even read the lawsuit

  • Vince McMahon resigned from TKO this week amid details of his lawsuit
  • Triple H took over creative duties from McMahon back in 2022
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Following a very successful Royal Rumble, Triple H refused to be drawn on questions about his father-in-law and disgraced former WWE chairman, Vince McMahon. 

The Game, real name Paul Leveque, who is head of creative in the company, was asked how much he knew about the sex trafficking allegations against McMahon before the lawsuit came to light this week.

‘I choose to focus on the positive. Yes there’s a negative, but I choose to focus on the negative,’ he replied.

McMahon, 78, initially retired in the summer of 2022 amid a series of sexual misconduct allegations. He attempted to return to the company six months later, but Triple H, Vince’s daughter Stephanie and president Nick Khan all voted against his return.

The founder would eventually force his way back in, but he has never retained the all encompassing power he once yielded. 

Triple H was fielding questions after WWE’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view

Janel Grant

Vince McMahon

Janel Grant (left) has accused Vince McMahon (right) of sex trafficking, among other claims

McMahon resigned from his position as Executive Chairman of TKO this week – the company formed by Endeavor after the $21billion WWE and UFC merger in September – as a result of sponsors pulling back from WWE in light of Janel Grant’s suit.

Grant accused the 78-year-old billionaire of sex trafficking and claimed he defecated on her head during a threesome, among other things.

Grant, who previously agreed to a $3million settlement in exchange for signing a nondisclosure agreement in 2022, filed a new lawsuit against McMahon, the WWE and a former executive this week.

Triple H married Vince McMahon's daughter Stephanie McMahon and they have three kids

Triple H married Vince McMahon’s daughter Stephanie McMahon and they have three kids

In that filing, which was obtained by, Grant claims McMahon stopped making payments after the initial $1m installment, and she now seeks to void that agreement.

Asked what WWE will be doing to make sure all employees feel safe and this kind of thing won’t happen again, Triple H simply said everything. 

‘Everything possible. That’s a very important thing to us, a very important topic. So everything possible.’

Asked if he read this suit this week when it went public, HHH said he hadn’t. 

 ‘I did not. I think Cody mentioned it. We all found out real time when you did.’