Travis Kelce playfully roasts his brother Jason for being named on People Magazine’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ list as he jokes that they ‘picked the wrong family member’

  • Travis couldn’t help but roasting his brother for being picked for the list
  • Jason included some self-deprecation when talking about the honor 
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What do you do when your brother is named one of the sexiest men alive? You lightly and playfully roast him, of course.

That’s exactly what Travis Kelce did on the latest episode of the ‘New Heights’ podcast – where they discussed how his older brother Jason Kelce was placed on People Magazine’s annual ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ list.

This part of the podcast turned into something of a light roast – of Jason, Travis, and even some of the fellow list members.

Jason had to remind Travis that he lost, ‘according to People. But if you ask Twitter, they think I was first.’

He also told Travis that he essentially didn’t have a reaction to the news because he was told he was up for consideration ahead of time.

Jason Kelce (L) got lightly roasted by his brother Travis (R) on the latest ‘New Heights’ episode

After some lighter banter, the jokes began when Jason told his brother, ‘Initially you were supposed to be up there with me, but you declined it. I don’t know [how] but apparently you guys found a way to decline it.

‘They called me and said it would be me and you: sexiest brothers alive. I’m just letting you know what I was told.’

When asked how his wife, Kylie reacted, Jason said, ‘Kylie… like the rest of the world, you know, it was obvious.’ 

Jason then turned things to Travis asking him what he thought, to which he replied, ‘I’ve been saying it for years… that you’re one of the ugliest people I’ve ever seen in my life. So this actually f***in’ threw me off and of course, like all the other family members, was like “they must’ve just f***in’ wrote his name in there by accident.”‘

After a laugh, Travis replied, ‘I was proud for you I was like “nice sexy Batman, just being a f***in’ sex symbol out here.” Obviously the documentary warmed up everyone’s hearts and showed the true passion you have and how you didn’t give a f**k out of everything else. 

Jason even had some self-deprecation tossed in there: ‘There’s a lot of things I elicit out of women and I think sexy is not high on that list… husbandly, dad body-ish, all the dad bod’s out there are ecstatic with this selection.’

The brothers then joked that Jason must have been the ‘diversity inclusion’ on the list. ‘We gotta get somebody with some body diversity here, we only got ripped chisled or skinny slender model looking men… 

‘Who’s a big guy who isn’t really sexy, what’s sexy Batman looking like? Does he want to be a part of it? Give him a call, see if he’s okay with being a part of this big joke.’

Travis joked 'you're one of the ugliest people I've ever seen in my life... this threw me off'

Travis joked ‘you’re one of the ugliest people I’ve ever seen in my life… this threw me off’

Jason also joked that he must have been a 'diversity inclusion' among the other honorees

Jason also joked that he must have been a ‘diversity inclusion’ among the other honorees

Jason also took the chance to roast some of his fellow runners-up on the list.

He felt that he was sexier than Pedro Pascal, thought that Usher ‘was sexy in the early 2000s’, but said that Jamie Foxx and Lenny Kravitz are ‘pretty sexy, not gonna lie’.

The one he joked was least deserving was actor Timothée Chalamet: ‘I think he only got it because his name is Chalamet like that’s a sexy name. 

‘But when you look at him it’s like… I don’t know, I don’t see it… he doesn’t do it for me.’