Top 6 Sites Like Dailymotion To Watch Videos Online – Free Video Streaming Websites!

If you are looking for Dailymotion alternative sites then you should know that there are a few on the run. The popularity of the online streaming site, Dailymotion, stems from the great variety of online videos classified into various classes and genres. One of the best things about this streaming site is that it is very user-friendly and has a clean interface. It has a reputation for delivering both quality and variety. Some of the categories that you will find on Dailymotion are documentaries, biography shorts, Dramas, news, and many others.

Nowadays, people are leaning more towards online streaming sites as they are easy to use yet provide excellent services. Let’s be real that no one today has the time to actually go to the cinemas when their favorite movie comes out or most of us don’t live to buy the films or TV shows from the store. Now, more and more people are ditching the old fashioned cables in favor of these efficient online streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and Disney Plus. But even though these sites are more flexible and offer subscriptions to their users, they can be sort of expensive at times. So, that’s when free online streaming sites like Dailymotion come in handy.

However, Dailymotion is not a sole video streaming site and doesn’t always satisfy every single one of its viewers. A large fraction of online video-streaming users look for other websites that have similar work to Dailymotion and that can offer them the best services, free of cost. So, if you are one of them and are also looking for alternative Dailymotion sites then this article is for you!

Here’s a list of the Best Alternatives to YouTube that provides free video hosting and streaming of content:


9GAG is a Hong- Kong-based online streaming platform that enables its users to share and upload original content or content from other external social media sites like YouTube. 9GAGTV doesn’t really upload its own video content neither are they a video-hosting website, but users seem to enjoy the interesting and eye-catching content posted there. They provide a good list of videos to choose from and also allow us to make a comment about the video or like and dislike it. The simple things, like the catchy captions and the light-hearted content, is what attracts viewers the most. 9GAGTV users are delivered high-quality videos and according to Chan, today, 9GAG is one of the most popular sites on the internet drawing over 150 million users per month.


By far, YouTube is the best alternative to Dailymotion as it’s not just a video streaming or hosting site but also is a source of livelihood for a lot of individuals. This streaming platform is very popular amongst users of all ages, with over 6 billion viewing hours every month. A diversity of topics are uploaded on YouTube every single day and people post more than 300 hours of video on average on their channel every minute. Being one of the most dominant videos- streaming sites, it gives you a chance to subscribe to many channels if you enjoy their videos or like and dislike it. It’s growing at a rapid pace, however, certain people are complaining about how strict Google has made the terms and conditions of YouTube. But overall, this website has great potential.

If you are seeking an efficient video-streaming site similar to Dailymotion then you should definitely check out this website. With LETVIDEO, you can easily discover a variety of videos according to your taste and likings. Not just that, you will be able to find different categories of movies, anime, dramas, music videos, and TV series on the website. So, it’s an all- in-all streaming platform for daily use.  Watch video on letvideo:


Rutube is another great video-streaming website, mainly for Russia, where it is one of the most popular and leading videos- sharing platforms. Now, it is offering free video streaming and sharing services in most of the countries across the globe. The best part is most of the services and data that are provided by Rutube is completely free to download and access. But, the unregistered viewers of this website have a limited amount of video and movie choices.


This video streaming website has been there just around the same time as YouTube and Dailymotion were set up and if there would be a site that could challenge some of the top streaming websites on the web, Vimeo would definitely be the one. This website is great for those who have a passion for areas like cinematography, dancing, singing, art, and other creative- work-related things.


Veoh is another great alternative to Dailymotion where you can watch different videos in various genres. This place is perfect for those who are fond of uploading and sharing interesting videos. There are a few websites on the internet that restrict the length and size of videos but Veoh on the other hand offers an unlimited length of videos so you can make the content of your choice.