This affordable fitness smartwatch has over 5,000 rave reviews and it’s on sale on Amazon

This affordable fitness smartwatch has over 5,000 rave reviews with shoppers claiming it does ‘exactly the same as the high end product’ – and it’s on sale for just £25.49

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We are all on our own fitness journeys with different health goals, but if you’re looking for a little push in the right direction or wanting to stay accountable, then a dedicated fitness tracker could be a great investment. 

If you have previously been put off by their high price point, then you’ll be pleased to know that there’s one fitness smartwatch that’s amassing thousands of rave five-star Amazon reviews and is a pretty decent dupe of the more expensive models including the Fitbit Versa. 

Now on sale for just £25.49, the TEMINICE High-End Fitness Tracker is a brilliant budget buy yet comes with an impressive amount of features, including all-day activity tracking like steps and calories burned as well as heart and sleep monitoring. It even receives calls and notifications.  

The highly-rated TEMINICE High-End Fitness Tracker is now on sale for just £25.49 on Amazon

A fitness tracker is there to monitor your daily movements, showing you how many steps you’ve taken, how many calories you’ve burnt and even how well you’re sleeping. 

As it keeps you aware about your movements, it’s a great way to stay accountable, encouraging you to move more; think of it as your very own affordable personal trainer. 

If you’re looking to invest in a fitness tracker but don’t want to splurge, then the TEMINICE High-End Fitness Tracker could be a great option. And it has a whopping 5,000 flawless reviews to prove it. 

The list of features and the full-touch colour screen has meant it’s scored highly among Amazon shoppers. In fact, the list is so extensive that it rivals high end products including the Fitbit. 

Features like the sedentary reminder, real-time heart rate, sleep monitor, music control and texts alerts are all elements found on smartwatches triple the price of this one. And this hasn’t gone unnoticed by shoppers.

Shoppers have raved how the TEMINICE smart watch ‘does all that you would expect from a fitness tracker at this price point…and some things that only usually higher price watches do too!’. 

The 1.3 inch HD large screen with high sensitivity touch makes it easy to use and navigate whilst on the move, plus as it’s waterproof, it means you can wear it comfortably in the shower, whilst swimming and on any rainy day runs.  

The TEMINICE High-End Fitness Tracker is the number one bestseller in 'pedometers' on Amazon and is also Amazon's Choice for 'sports watch' on the mega site

The TEMINICE High-End Fitness Tracker is the number one bestseller in ‘pedometers’ on Amazon and is also Amazon’s Choice for ‘sports watch’ on the mega site 

The battery life has also impressed users with one charge lasting for around seven to ten days. 

One delighted shopper left a five-star review for the TEMINICE High-End Fitness Tracker, writing: ‘This is an amazing product with all the features. The sleep tracking, pedometer and heart rate monitor is very accurate. So worth for the price you pay.

I highly recommended this product as this does exactly the same job perfectly rather than buying top-end brands.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘I love this watch to bits. I would never have bought a fitbit smart watch because of their price. But this does all the same just as well, for an excellent price.’

A third also agreed that the fitness tracker is comparable to models priced at triple the price of the TEMINICE: ‘Fantastic little smart watch does exactly what I need it to and far better than others I’ve had that have cost considerably more. I’ve had it 6 days and the battery is only just starting to get low.’