Things to Know About Kratom

Native to southeast Asia, the kratom is a plant from the coffee family. Its scientific name is Mitragyna speciosa. It is a type of drug in short.

Kratom is a naturally occurring plant found in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, and Papa New Guinea. It is a tropical evergreen plant. It has been used in these places since the 19th century. Through reports, it is said that the traditional use in Southeast Asia first started in 1836 but most probably its uses date even further back.

There it had been used for the traditional purpose of medicines. It was used as a stimulant to sustain energy during hard day labor and such which the above-mentioned countries were and are famous for. Kratom also has an opioid-like analgesic and sedative. It has a relaxing effect when brewed in tea form. In the 19th century, opium was widely used. Later kratom was used as a substitute and mitigation strategy. There has been an increased drug dependency in the world and kratom provides help by mitigation and being a muscle relaxant.

In the last two decades, kratom has gained popularity in the US and Europe. To buy kratom has become almost a norm. It has been reported that kratom has been used for centuries for its psychoactive purposes and opium-like effects. Before kratom was used by brewing in tea or chewing upon it whereas not companies such as kratom-k offer capsules and powder.

It is said that this product can be addictive and have several side effects as well.

In the US though it is kratom is legal on a federal level but is still considered a part of the cocaine, heroin, and LSD class called to schedule 1 class. Therefore, it is also banned and illegal in 6 states.

Doctors believe that some substances in the kratom attach themselves to the parts of nerve cells where opioid painkillers attach themselves to. This in turn creates a similar response within the brain. But not much research has been done on this yet.

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