The Project hosts and Abbie Chatfield call for TikTok to remove Andrew Tate content

‘Misogynist’ TikToker Andrew Tate who boasts about slapping woman and makes abhorrent comments about rape is slammed by hosts of The Project who call for the social media platform to kick him off the platform

Hosts of The Project and Abbie Chatfield have called for TikTok’s most ‘dangerous’ influencer, Andrew Tate, to be banned from the platform for promoting misogyny.

British American kickboxer turned ‘realist’ podcaster Andrew Tate has gained massive traction on video sharing platform TikTok for promoting a ‘masculine’ lifestyle featuring cigars, private jets and degrading women.

On Sunday night The Project panelist Rachel Corbett and Australian influencer Abbie Chatfield weighed in on the issue, calling for TikTok to remove Tate’s content from the platform. 

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In particular, they were concerned about how Tate’s content is influencing young teenage boys to hold derogatory views towards women.

‘Kids look at Instagram and TikTok and the idea of 11.6billion views as a success,’ Ms Corbett said.

‘That then says that those (misogynistic) views must be good because look at how famous (Tate) is so then I want to emulate that.

‘It’s just really dangerous and I feel like TikTok has a responsibility to remove misogynistic posts.’ 

Chatfield compared how TikTok applies its community guidelines to Tate’s content versus her own. 

‘I uploaded a TikTok in a white singlet, with a bra on, and it got deleted in a minute,’ she said.

‘But there’s endless videos of him saying that women are property and other extremely, vilely misogynistic things. How does that slip through the cracks but me in a singlet can’t?’