The Pollcast: How the leaders are positioning themselves post-debate

A series of polls suggest that NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh was the winner of Monday’s English language debate. If that boosts his party’s support significantly, that could change the electoral calculations the other party leaders have been making — particularly regarding the likelihood of either Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer or Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau heading up a majority government.

On this week’s episode of The Pollcast podcast, CBC polls analyst and host Éric Grenier is joined by the CBC’s Salimah Shivji and Aaron Wherry to discuss the past week of the election campaign, including the fallout from the English language debate, the prospects of a minority government and the Conservatives’ strategy of releasing their costed platform after the debates.

Then, Elise von Scheel reports from the campaign trail in Quebec and asks a listener question about which ridings the NDP is targeting in the Greater Toronto Area.

Salimah Shivji and Aaron Wherry join host Éric Grenier to discuss the latest on the campaign trail and Elise von Scheel reports from Quebec. 19:47

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