The Pollcast: Bombshell rocks campaign in second week

News that Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau wore blackface on multiple occasions before he entered politics will change the course of the federal election — and it has already forced the other parties to react to what could be a turning point in this campaign.

To discuss how the campaign has shifted and what the parties are doing in reaction to the story, Pollcast host and CBC polls analyst Éric Grenier is joined by the CBC’s Salimah Shivji and Aaron Wherry. Then, former New Brunswick premier Brian Gallant discusses the electoral landscape in Atlantic Canada and Elise von Scheel asks a listener’s question: where do the Conservatives have the best chance to gain seats in Quebec?

Reporters Salimah Shivji and Aaron Wherry join host Éric Grenier to discuss how Justin Trudeau’s brownface and blackface revelations have changed the campaign. And former N.B. premier Brian Gallant talks about the electoral battlegrounds in Atlantic Canada. 28:05

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