The Most Convenient and Advanced e-Signature Application to Date

Operations of each enterprise in one way or another include work with documents. This implies signing, storing, sending official online papers, as well as keeping records among employees.

Operations of each enterprise in one way or another include work with documents. This implies signing, storing, sending official online papers, as well as keeping records among employees.

Everyone who at least once in their life has come across paperwork knows how monotonous and exhausting it can be. Moreover, due to certain nuances, it can last from morning to evening. In this difficult task, applications that allow you to use an e-sign come to the rescue.

Electronic Signature

An electronic signature (ES) of the document and electronic reporting has long since turned from fiction into reality. It is convenient, reliable, and, in addition, it significantly saves the time of accountants. The formation of electronic reports, their transfer to authorities – such actions have been practiced for a long time by many, having become convinced in the practice of their rationality.

When working with a special software product, accountants could convince themselves of enormous savings in time. They now do not need to print a document and waste time on its delivery, as well as wait for the client to do the same.

All this has already been taken care of; you just need to sign from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet wherever you are. All this convenience can be provided by one of the best eSign software – SignNow

What Is SignNow?

SignNow is an easy-to-use, feature-rich, and reliable online document signing application that makes paperwork fast and efficient. In terms of price-quality ratio, this application is the market leader with an excellent reputation.

Legally binding signatures are securely protected in SignNow with an advanced architecture with multi-layered security and strong encryption. SignNow provides a unified workspace for creating and collaborating on documents using proven, integrated tools for adding electronic signatures and then saving your signed documents for convenience in the cloud where all your data are kept.

Site’s home page

To sign a document online is enough to have a stable Internet connection and just a little time. Everything is done within a couple of clicks without additional procedures.

  1. First of all, upload the necessary documentation to the site.
  2. Next, after selecting the item My signature, determine the characteristics of your signature (typing, drawing, or uploading your already ready-made custom signature).
  3. The last step is to decide on the location of your signature on paper and confirm the choice.

In such a simple way, you save a lot of time and nerves. If you need constant access to your business papers and the ability to put your signature at any difficult moment, this application is a real godsend for corporate users.

SignNow Benefits

Interface: The user-friendly and modern design of the home page helps you navigate through the large list of available features. Thanks to its simple interface and easy integration, this application will be a good choice for small, medium, and large businesses.

Templates: Build your templates to speed up work with documents. You can also save your workbooks so that you can always return to unfinished documents later, saving your progress as a draft. The app also comes with some handy editing features like adding text blocks, erasing text or images, highlighting text, adding fillable fields or dropdown menus, and more.

Sharing: A very useful utility for working with documents that require the signature of many users. Clients can leave their signatures in the application itself, and for this, they will not need to contact each of them directly. SignNow also provides detailed information on who signed the document, when and where they signed it.

Audition: The application uploads all data on work files to the cloud. It can be accessed by any authorized user from anywhere and from any device currently available. The audit trail allows you to view all information about the document, its changes and revisions that it went through, and other details.

Mobile application: SignNow has its mobile application where the same list of possible functions is available. You can download the latest version of SignNow for your Android device and edit documents wherever you are. Flexible software that allows users to put their electronic signature in the shortest possible time.

The intuitive interface of the mobile version will help navigate the user who is using it for the first time. It is possible to add iOS widgets to the home screen to keep documents close at hand as well as sign groups of documents faster by combining them into groups.

Mobile application view


Affordable price with constant use.

  • For $5 per month with the Business subscription, you can use unlimited document and template submission.
  • The Business Premium subscription for $15 a month expands the list of available features.
  • An Enterprise subscription for $30 a month gives even more benefits to close deals in seconds on any device (you can take a free sample of this subscription).
  • The airSlate Business Cloud subscription gives you access to the whole suite of tools as well as priority in direct line support from the SignNow support team.