The making of Norwegian sensation – Casper Ruud

While Norway is definitely famous for different things, including nature and the Northern lights, it has never been famous for tennis players. Not until now, when young Norwegian tennis player Casper Ruud, has shown up in the daylight. A 21-year-old tennis racket is reaching new records and making himself a strong name in tennis. At this age, he has already clearly set his goals and has not once surprised the audience and players with his incredible techniques and gameplay.

The story of Casper Ruud

Tennis is not something very common to Norway and those two things do not usually go together. Though, Casper Ruud has definitely broken the stereotype and has contributed to some vital changes. The player first showed off in the junior scene, which was way before he even burst into the men’s circuit. Once he did so we have witnessed Casper almost at every Grand Slam ever after.

Norwegian young players made huge progress in recent years. The improvement he has been doing is mesmerizing and leaves every of his fans extremely satisfied and happy. He is not like many other tennis players who sit in the shadow and wait for their turn to get noticed, but instead, he makes himself noticeable. At a very young age, he has already become the country’s leading name in the sports industry and stands next to some like Ingebrigtsens, Johannes Høsflot Klæbo, and Erling Braut Haaland.

Tennis experts predict him to have a very bright future and a very long and successful career. They say that Ruud’s career to date is very unique and this is all about his style and gameplay. It should be mentioned that the skills of his forehand and backhand are outstanding, not like anyone else on the ATP tour. He is the one who improves the performance at a rapid speed and never manages to disappoint neither his audience nor his famous parents. He made a successful impression at Wimbledon, but the Australian Open is yet to come.

Just like many tennis experts, other industry experts have also spoken about Ruud and his successful career ladder. Not only tennis is that he touched and changed, but also the betting industry, which is usually one of the best determinations of the success of the activity as well as individuals. Betting on tennis matches and players has always been one of the most popular activities, with millions of people participating in it. Experts from have mentioned that the bets placed on Norwegian tennis players have at least doubled and keep at quite high marks. While such feedback from getting operators might indicate the success and good performance of the payer, it also means that Ruud is getting more and more noticed among the tennis audience.

Casper’s style

Ruud is not only noticed because of his origin and a young age but because of his exceptional manner of playing. It is a place where he is able to make use of his big forehead shots and control the whole game. Casper is right-handed and possesses a powerful two-handed backhand shot. He continuously works on the improvement of his hardcore game.

Casper owns a very flamboyant character, which is something that should be mentioned, and usually lacks in tennis players. His combination of patience and power makes him indeed a very formidable opponent for many even the most established players. Although some experts say that perhaps a tiny bit of flavor of aggressiveness would bring him to the higher positions.

It is in his blood

While Norway can not boast of a huge amount of tennis players, Ruud got very lucky, as his famous dad is one of the best and widest known tennis players from Norway. So, it can be eagerly said that sports and the passion for tennis are something in his blood. Christian Ruud was once very famous for his gameplay and now, the former tennis player took up coaching together with Joachim Bjerke.

While blood and genetics have partially determined the career of young Ruud, it was back in 2015 when he first made his appearance on the tennis cart. He reached the US Open boys and then French Open boys’ singles and then the second round of the Wimbledon boys’ singles. He has always been a successful competition and with his partner Miomir Kecmanovic, Ruud got to the semi-finals. In 2016, the story repeated and Norwegian made it to the semi-finals of the French Open boys’ doubles.

Casper’s career is very remarkable, but none of the above mentioned was the most notable moment. It only came when Ruud ranked as the number 1 player in January 2016. In the very same year, he entered the men’s game. In February, Ruud won a Futures competition in Spain, and to the very end before winning all of the final tournaments.

In September 2016, Casper moved up to compete in the ATP Challenger tournament, which he won against Taro Daniel in the final of Sevilla. While 2016 was undoubtedly an extremely successful year for a tennis player, 2017 was the year for his massive debut. He made his appearance in two ATP 500 tournaments in Rio Open and Switzerland. This was followed by the Miami Open and his first ATP Master 10000.

Here we come, Grand Slam. Casper Ruud had his first Grand Slam match in 2018, after progressing through three qualifying rounds in order to achieve his place at the Australian Open. This made him the first-ever Norwegian tennis player, to ever qualify for the Grand Slam in 17 years. Despite his loss to Argentine Diego Schwartzman, this was one of the most remarkable moments.

In 2019, he made the second appearance at the French Open and first-round exit in the US Open. This made Wimbledon the only Grand Slam he failed to show in, having failed to go beyond the qualifying stages for the competition in London.

Place in the top 100

In 2019, after the defeat in the qualifying round of the Australian Open, he made it to the second round of the Rio Open. This ended with the results in the Norwegian breaking into the ATP top 100 for the first time, achieving the 94 rankings. 2019, was the year when Ruud appeared in three more Grand Slams, in French Open, the US Open, and for the first time ever in Wimbledon. At this point.

In February 2020, just before the coronavirus pandemic, the win of the match with Pedro Sousa turned out to be his ticket to the first ATP title in the Norwegian history of tennis. Ruud also achieved an ATP ranking of 34, beating his father’s career-high of 39. It also meant the young Norwegian became Norway’s highest-ever ranked tennis player.

Due to the cancellation of Wimbledon because of the pandemic, Ruud did not have a chance to show himself off at that match. Yet, the young player has everything just ahead of him and should be able to not once amaze and surprise us with his skills and performance. So far, he is one of the most successful players of his age, and many predict Ruud a very great career path, which is definitely worth your attention.