The Kardashians are back! Kim weeps over latest sex tape torment, Kourtney gets steamy with Travis

Less than a year after their 15-season run on E! came to an end, The Kardashians are back with a brand new series on Hulu… which mirrors how the original series debuted.

The first season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians debuted in the aftermath of Kim Kardashian’s leaked sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J back in 2007.

The debut of Hulu’s The Kardashian’s opens in an eerily similar way, with Kim breaking down in tears when her six-year-old son Saint saw an ad online for the now-infamous sex tape.

Debut: The debut of Hulu’s The Kardashian’s opens in an eerily similar way, with Kim breaking down in tears when her six-year-old son Saint saw an ad online for the now-infamous sex tape

The show begins with a slick drone shot that does through Travis Barker’s legs as he plays with his kids and showcases Kourtney telling every thing they have to go to Kim’s.

Travis asks them if they want to go to the barbeque and they all say yes as the drone zooms over to Khloe’s new house that is under construction

The drone then takes off to Kendall’s house, as she calls her mother Kris and tells her she’s not feeling too good today and she won’t be able to make it.

The drone then moves to Kris and Kylie’s office as they get ready to go while Kylie is overseeing a photoshoot.

Kris tells Kylie she has to go because they don’t want to be late as the drone heads over to Kim, who leaves to meet her family.

Kim tells someone that she ‘likes all of these,’ before getting into her car and taking off as the title card is shown.

The show cuts to Kim’s place, as she tells the workers she loves the ‘slide and ball pit situation’ as she prepares for the party.

A producer asks Kim what it’s like to be back filming a reality show, as she reveals, ‘It’s fun to start with a clean slate.’

‘I think we’ve had so much time off filming that we all do our own thing.’

She reveals she’s two years into law school and she’s focusing on being a mom, her SKIMS business and law school.

She’s seen hanging out with her kids at the house, as one of the kids tries the slide and Kim asks if it was fun but the kid says no.

Kim admits that people don’t see other sides of her life, and that, cleaning out her playroom, ‘makes me horny’ and that other moms can relate to that.

Kris shows up and asks North if she’s going to do slime at the party, but she has gymnastics and she’s not sure.

Kris jokes that North’s schedule is busier than hers, as Kris rattles off all of the things that she’s dealing with for the family business.

She toasts with Corey Gamble as they toast to a new chapter in their lives.

Kylie shows up and says she is, ‘very excited to have another baby,’ and for now, they are keeping the gender between Travis and her.

Kim tries to guess the gender, believing that it’s a boy, because she’s, ‘skinnier and prettier than last time.’

‘The girls take the beauty to give it to themselves,’ Kim speculates, as Kylie says it’s fun keeping the gender to themselves.

Kris says that everyone in the family is ‘so serious’ about their secrets.

Khloe shows up and adds that she’s, ‘so happy’ that Tristan is there.

‘Right now, Tristan and I are just friends and I love our relationship that him and I have but my biggest focus is being a mom to my angel True,’ Khloe says.

Khloe says the food looks amazing as they start to eat, before Kim tells the camera that she’s a vegan ‘98% of the time’ but today she is ‘going wild.’

Kourtney and Travis show up, as Kourtney says ‘living my life without cameras was an absolute dream.’

‘Travis is my boyfriend. Our homes are a block away from each other. He was one of my closest friends for about eight years. We fell in love and now he’s my boyfriend,’ Kourtney says.

Kris says that nobody saw it coming, but Khloe and Kim both said that they told them for years to hook up.

Saint is showing Kim something she made on a tablet and she sees something strange that she shows Khloe.

‘This is a character on Roblox but it says…’ and she shows it to Khloe who is stunned.

Saint says that it’s not his character, it’s a game, but Kim says, ‘Oh it’s a game? Oh, well then we’re suing them if it’s a game with my name and picture.’

Kim reveals in confession, ‘There was a picture of my cry face and it said something super inappropriate like Kim’s New Sex tape.’

Kim tells Kris that they are leaking ‘unrelased footage from my old sex tape,’ as she says in confession that the ‘last thing’ she wants is unreleased footage from her sex tape.

‘This is some real embarassing s**t and I need to deal with it, and I will deal with it. I just cannot believe this is happening right now.

The kids are all seen playing outside, going on the slides in the ball pit as Kris tells Kourt and Travis they can ‘make out by the table.’

Kris says that Kendall couldn’t be there because she had the flu, but Kendall reveals in confession that she actually had COVID.

Kim tells the family that they can’t believe it’s Day 1 and they can’t believe they’re doing this again.

Kim says that Kris and her had lunch with Lorne Michaels and he offered her to host SNL and she agreed.

Kris chastises Kourtney for not listening when she said Kim is hosting SNL as Kim says in confession that everyone around her said she ‘had to do this.

‘I always put myself in these situations where I feel I’m fulfilling other people’s dreams, like my moms. I don’t know why I did Dancing With the stars. I sucked. Absolutely sucked,’ Kim said.

She tells the family that she isn’t funny, as Kourt says, ‘We’ve always told you that your’e not, but you are.’

Kourtney says in confession that her and Khloe were known as the ‘funny ones,’ but she thinks she could be funny.

Kim talks about possibly wanting Kanye to be the musical guest, but she thinks she would want that moment for herself.

Kim says in confession they are going through their divorce and they’re trying to figure out how to be friends with each other.

Kourt says she should have her own moment because she could look to him for comfort, but Kim says she doesn’t want to embarrass the family.

Kim says that they haven’t announced it yet and she wonders if she can back out or not but thee family encourages her.

Kourt and Travis keep making out at the table while Kris says that she doesn’t know if Kourtney has a type, but if she does, it’s Travis Barker.  

Kris jokes that she won’t be straddling Corey every five minutes, but maybe she will after a drink.

Kim says she’s so happy for Kourtney because she really deserves it as Kim goes in to get a burger while Khloe goes with her.

Kim asks Khloe if no one invited Scott Disick and Kim wonders if it makes them, ‘awful human beings’ that they are going on with their lives without Scott.

Kourtney says in confession that they have been broken up for seven years and she gave him 10 years before that and she doesn’t know why people are making a big deal.

‘Let’s not hate on a girl who knows what she deserves,’ Kourtney says.

Kim wonders if Scott would know about this some way, as they call Reign over, asking if Scott asks what he does when he is with Kourtney.

He says Scott doesn’t and Kim says he shouldn’t tell him what they were doing today, and Reign agrees.

Back at Scott’s house, Scott says it’s the ‘first time in like 15 years that we’ve had a really really long break from having cameras following our every move, and I think it got a little lonely.’

Khloe heads over to Scott’s and she doesn’t know what Scott she is going to receive.

‘We did not always have a great relationship,’ Khloe admits, but they are now ‘besties’ and they have a good relationship and he’s like a brother to her.

‘That being said, he does speak to me maybe a little more flirty than my real brother does. The whole thing is f***ing weird,’ Khloe says.

Khloe asks how he’s doing as Scott says that Kourtney being with Travis has given him room to, ‘finally be able to move on.’

Khloe asks if he’d be open to a ‘real loving relationship’ and Scott says it would have to be someone more ‘age-appropriate,’ possibly in their late 20s.

‘I think that’s a big step for me. But not over 30… You know, if I love somebody, it doesn’t matter their age,’ Scott says.

When a producer asks if he’s sure about that, he admits he’s not sure at all.

Khloe asks if he heard about the picnic and he said he did hear from one of the kids and Khloe thinks it was for the best because Kourt and Travis were so intimate and ‘lovey-dovey.’

Khloe says in confession that she knows Scott is still in love with Kourtney, but ‘this is 100% the happiest I’ve seen Kourtney.’

She admits that has to be hard for Scott to process since everything has been so public.

Scott says his ‘foot was always halfway in the door’ because he thought he’d get back with her, but now that they’re just co-parenters, ‘it’s one of the more difficult things in my life.’

Scott adds he believes that what Kourtney and Travis have is real and he felt he did ‘so much wrong to her’ over the years.

‘I felt if she ever needed me for any reason I would be there for her for how I treated her for so long,’ Scott told Kourtney.

He added in confession, ‘Kourtney has all right to despise me and the way I treated her, cause it was horrible. That wouldn’t go on today for a day, but it went on for years.’

Khloe asks Scott if he wants her to talk to the family about what they talked about and he wants her to stay in it.

‘All I need is to be acknowledged. Oh, do I even mean anything to anyone?’ he asks, letting the question hang in the air.

Kourtney and daughter Penelope’s studio, which she calls their ‘happy place’ as she admits in confession she has always been attracted to Travis, as they start playing ping pong.

‘Last year during the pandemic we were texting and I just put it out there, like flirtatious conversation,’ Kourt says.

She added he asked her to watch a movie and the whole movie he didn’t make a move, admitting to a producer that she made the first move.

‘He was taking a long time. The movie was over and we started another movie and I was like I don’t have time for this movie marathon so I made the first move,’ Kourtney said.

Penelope is seen at a drum kit with Travis, as he shows off his skills while Penelope shows she has some moves on the drums as well.

Kourt says in confession that he is ‘amazing’ with her daughter and ‘the way he speaks to her is so special.’

‘Travis and I talk about a future all the time,’ she said, adding they both knew it was something ‘so different’ they both knew it was special.

Travis and the kids joke about using Kourtney as a drum, and when Penelope says he’s gonna use her butt, he admits ‘actually that’s what I thought would make the loudest noise.’  

Kim reveals that she was, ‘really bothered’ about what she saw on her son’s iPad, and she wants to ‘get to the bottom of where this is coming from and what’s happening.’

She said she had been calling people from Roblox and she has been letting her attorney handle it as she tries to focus on her SNL fitting.

Kim says Kanye is out of town and she doesn’t know if she wants Kanye to be there.

She starts to weigh the pros and cons admitting it would be ‘super calming’ and ‘so cool for the kids to see mom and dad on SNL together.’

But then, she admits, she might be more stressed out if she was there.

She starts trying on outfits with Danielle and she says her mom will be there, adding in confession she will be throwing everyone under the bus.

Kim says that ‘a girl from Will & Grace’ – a.k.a. Debra Messing said she has ‘no idea why I would be chosen as a host.’

She wondered, ‘why do you care,’ adding she doesn’t, ‘comment to tear other people down, especially another woman.’

‘If that’s what you think dude, cool. Tune in,’ she said.

She starts trying on other outfits adding in confession she wants other people to realize she’s funny, when she reveals a voice message from Chrissy Teigen about hosting SNL.

‘You’re freaking me out even more,’ she said, adding in confession that she wants to surprise people.

She tells Danielle that she talked to Amy Schumer and she said she would help her write jokes for her monologue, as Danielle says it will be, ‘the coolest moment of your life.’

Khloe meets with Tristan, saying in confession they are not actually together and they see each other a few times a week.

‘We get along with each other really well and it’s just easy to co-parent with him,’ Khloe added.

Tristan says that Kylie looks good and he didn’t know Kylie was that far along, as Khloe talks to him about going to therapy.

He thinks therapy is great for both of them and they, ‘both grow together,’ as Khloe says Tristan is ‘determined’ to get back together.

She adds it’s ‘couples therapy’ but they’re not a couple and it’s just his therapy and she is just there.

She tells him that she knows ‘how to be a monster to you,’ and he says she never has, which he appreciates.

‘It’s not like you ever burned my clothes or slashed my cars,’ Tristan says, but Khloe adds that she threw water on all his clothes, which he doesn’t remember.

Khloe said it was when he was cheating on her when she was pregnant, adding, ‘If I wasn’t pregnant, I would have f***d you up so… I just didn’t wanna break my nails before delivery.’

‘Shout out to the nails,’ Tristan says, adding it’s 2021 and they can’t be talking about 2018.

Khloe adds in confession that he’s trying to get her to trust him but they have been through so much and she’s not there yet.

‘You know I want to get us back together and build our family and hopefully be able to expand our family, God willing,’ he says.

Khloe says they have to get to a place where they, ‘hear each other differently’ because mistakes were made that weren’t, ‘taken seriously.’

‘It’s a lot of strain on a relationship. Trust takes times,’ Khloe says and Tristan says he realizes that.

The episode cuts to a hair session with Kim and her publicist Tracy Romulus, CMO Kim Brands, as they talk about what wigs they can make for SNL.

Pete Davidson’s name is first mentions in a confessional, where Kim reveals she ran into him at the Met Gala and told him, ‘I am so scared. I don’t know what I signed up for.’

He told her, ‘Can you read cue cards? You’re good, you’re good,’ as Kim tells Tracy that Kourtney can’t come but Scott Disick and Jonathan Cheban want to come with Kris and Khloe.

Kim says that she loves Scott and he is ‘always welcome,’ but she wouldn’t have invited him if Kourtney and Travis would be there.

Kim reveals that another comedienne, Sarah Silverman, pitched her an idea for her monologue where she asks the audience questions.

She said she would point to someone who would be Kanye West ‘in disguise but you know it’s Kanye,’ and he would ask, ‘Do you believe in second chances in marriages?’

Tracy and the hairstylist think it’s funny, but Kim reveals that if Dave Chappelle tells Kanye it’s funny, it’s funny and that’s all she needs.

Tracy insists she’s going to be great, but Kim is clearly still nervous adding they asked if she can sing, dance, act or do accents.

‘Like, I don’t know what I’m gonna do,’ Kim says, as the hairstylist says to just enjoy it and she’s gonna kill it.  

The show cuts to a restaurant called Lucky’s where Khloe, Kim and Kourtney meet, and Khloe gets personal, with people at another table clearly hearing them.

‘You know how you guys make fun of me for having a bigger vagina than most?’ Khloe says, as two men look over their shoulder at her.

Khloe says that the SKIMS she’s wearing have a ‘sliver’ and asks if it’s supposed to cover her clit, and the ‘vagina needs more fabric.’

Kourtney says in confession, ‘you don’t want the vagina hanging out the side of the SKIMS.’

Kim arrives in a black leather coat, but she complains that she told Kanye and the stylist that her outfits have to be at her house by 11 o’clock but she left by 12:30 and, ‘now I look like I’m in the Matrix.’

‘I just want the outfits lined up in my room, Monday, Tuesday, I’m a robot. I will operate as such,’ she says.

When Khloe asks if someone wil do that for her, Kim says, ‘It’s Kanye. He says he wants to quit everything and just dedicate his life to being my stylist.’

Khloe says he should do some music and Adidas stylings and ‘do that on the side.

Kim admits in confession that Kanye and her ‘remain friends’ and that he has always styled her.

‘In the early 2000s he would send me these emails with all these looks and what my style should be,’ she admitted.

‘That’s always really been our thing, but there’s a side of me that wants total independence too,’ she says.

The sisters all order, as Khloe says in confession that they are ‘foodies’ and they just ‘scarf everything down and ask for forgiveness later.’

Khloe says that she talked to Scott about not being invited to the barbecue, and that she was surprised how calm he was.

Kourt says he asked her about it and asked if she didn’t want him at the barbecue, as she brings up Scott DM’ing Younes.

‘That’s not really the vibe. Don’t go DM’ing my ex-boyfriend,’ she tells them.

Kourtney says in confession that when she was on her vacation in Italy she woke up to a text from Scott saying, ‘I’m so sorry I DM’d your ex boyfriend who I can’t stand.’

She tells her sisters that he asked if he could apologized to Travis, adding in confession that for so many years he had gotten away with bad behavior, ‘and that’s not gonna continue.’


The video was made in 2002 when Kardashian and Ray J were dating, but it was leaked in February 2007, while Keeping Up With the Kardashians was starting production.

Kim sued Vivid Entertainment, the company that distributed the tape as Kim Kardashian, Superstar, though she later dropped the lawsuit and received a reported $5 million settlement.

There have been recent rumors that another sex tape with Kim and Ray J exists, though Kim reveals on the show she is ‘99.9% sure’ there is no other tape out there.

Rumors: There have been recent rumors that another sex tape with Kim and Ray J exists, though Kim reveals on the show she is '99.9% sure' there is no other tape out there

Rumors: There have been recent rumors that another sex tape with Kim and Ray J exists, though Kim reveals on the show she is ‘99.9% sure’ there is no other tape out there

The show also featured the early beginnings of Kim’s new relationship with Pete Davidson, and Kourtney’s relationship with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker.

Barker proposed in October 2021, just weeks after Kim made her hosting debut on Saturday Night Live… where she first met current boyfriend Pete Davidson.

Tristan Thompson also vowed to win back Khloe Kardashian in the premiere, who he shares four-year-old daughter True with. 

Show: The show also featured the early beginnings of Kim's new relationship with Pete Davidson, and Kourtney's relationship with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker

Show: The show also featured the early beginnings of Kim’s new relationship with Pete Davidson, and Kourtney’s relationship with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker

The Kardashian family filmed their final episode for E!’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians in January 2021, and took a break before filming Hulu’s The Kardashians.

The family announced in September 2020 that their 20th season on E! will be their last, and just months later in December 2020, they announced their deal with Hulu, which has been reported to be worth at least $100 million.

It was reported in March by Variety that the entire family – Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner – will all receive the same salary. 

Deal: The Kardashian family filmed their final episode for E!'s Keeping Up With the Kardashians in January 2021, and took a break before filming Hulu's The Kardashians

Deal: The Kardashian family filmed their final episode for E!’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians in January 2021, and took a break before filming Hulu’s The Kardashians