The Importance of Water Filtration

Science says that a person can go without food for three weeks, but with water, most of us can’t go without it for 3-4 days! Dehydration starts, and even while still breathing, we can become dizzy, and the nervous system can go into shock. Water is the most important to the human body. We cannot live without it.

However, it’s unfortunate that billions of people worldwide have no access to clean potable water. We can effortlessly get clean water by using water filters. AquaBliss Shower Filter and Countertop water filters are some of the best filters for making clean water.

Facts if you ignore clean water:

In developing countries with infrastructure and leisure, having clean water at home is as ordinary as breathing fresh air. While this may be the case for most citizens in developing nations, it is not the case for the rest of the world. There are so many countries that have no access to pure, consumable water and sanitation.

Importance of clean water:

“At home, clean water, health, and sanitation should not only be a right for those who are affluent and live in urban centers,” according to Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of WHO (World Health Organization). It is one of the fundamental public health standards, and all nations must ensure that everyone has access to them.

Facilitates nourishment:

Water is energy. Water is life. The quicker governments acknowledge this fact; the faster water will be made accessible to everyone. Our most vital nutrient source is water. Sixty percent of the human body is made up of water, which demonstrates water’s natural value. Humans must be well hydrated for their bodily processes to function optimally. Water also helps preserve tissue health and stimulates blood circulation by transporting oxygen and nutrients into every cell.

Disease prevention:

Did you know that unclean water gives rise to many diseases? Fatal diseases, such as cholera, typhoid, and hepatitis A, all arise due to the absorption of polluted water. Imagine all of the dangers people are exposed to, being left with no alternative to the water from rivers and polluted areas such as nearby mines. Clean water is essential for keeping us healthy and safe from infections & disease.

To help extract toxins:

Clean, nutritious, and healthy water also helps protect the body from all forms of contaminants – whether generated by immune reactions, ingested from natural sources, or by polluted water intake.

Enhanced services for sanitation:

Clean water is not only required for drinking but also sanitation. When washing clothing or bathing in unclean water, pathogens can emerge. The same happens when cooking and related activities that make up our lives. Clean water is a necessity for good health.

Importance of having water filters:

We all know that access to safe, fresh water is vital to our health and well-being. The majority of water filtres eliminate toxic chemicals and bacteria, which could otherwise contribute to illness and disease if consumed. Filtered water has many other advantages, including improved flavor, and is less expensive and environmentally-friendly than bottled water.

The need for water filtration has never been higher, considering the high risk associated with unclean water. We are already under threat with our natural resources, like deforestation, climate change, and an ever-growing population. Unfortunately, tap water can be hazardous, too, since pollutants can affect the overall water quality, rendering it unsafe for human consumption. Also, sourcing from different water bodies can be more unstable by human waste, chemicals, and microbiological impurities.

The simple act of boiling water is enough to kill most germs and bacteria to ensure drinking it is safe. However, man-made pollutants such as pesticides and other toxins cannot be removed unless boiled for longer than twenty minutes. Therefore, it is worth considering water filtration and additional cleaning options to safeguard yourself from unclean drinking water in your home. Water filters kill bacteria and toxic compounds, avoiding infection and poor health.