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The great chocdown quiz! Cut down the middle, these are some of Britain’s favourite bars – but how many can you identify from their sugar-filled insides?

Life during lockdown has seen many of us having to give up our treasured pastimes. 

One favourite that has survived is the good old pub quiz – albeit with the help of the internet.

With our locals shut for the foreseeable future, families have been turning to video-call apps such as Zoom and FaceTime to keep up their passion for proving their trivia knowledge to each other. 

On a scale of one to 20… how much of a chocoholic are you? Scroll down for the answers

A nation of serial quizzers has emerged from the social-distancing measures. 

But if, after five weeks cooped up at home, you are running low on questions, one man may have just created the ultimate lockdown quiz – featuring that other greater comforter, chocolate. 

Ken’s Chocolate Quiz challenges you to name 20 well-known bars – but from only a cross-section slice through their middles. 

So if you think you know your Mars bars from your Milky Ways, or your Topics from your Picnics, try identifying these 20 with none of their wrappings or familiar shapes to help. 

All of a sudden the family favourites – which you’ve no doubt chomped through in their dozens down the years – begin to look infuriatingly similar. 

It’s trickier than it looks, and is sure to keep family and friends scratching their heads for a while – and may well start up some heated debates. 

The puzzle comes from the Ken’s Quiz website, which features hundreds of free teasers on subjects from general knowledge to Greek mythology, the 2014 World Cup and the ins and outs of the London Underground. 

Find more at … you never know, it might just help you become quiz top dogs down at your local when it eventually reopens. 

Hit the Milky Way…or did you fudge it?


1. Bounty

2. Mars bar

1. Bounty (left) and 2. Mars bar (right)

3. Lion bar

4. Milky Way

3. Lion bar (left) and 4. Milky Way (right)

5. Double Decker

6. Topic

5. Double Decker (left) 6. Topic (right)


7. Star Bar 

8. KitKat Chunky

8. KitKat Chunky 


9. Peppermint Aero

10. Reese’s Nut Bar

9. Peppermint Aero (left) and 10. Reese’s Nut Bar (right)

11. Yorkie

12. Wispa Gold

11. Yorkie (left) and 12. Wispa Gold (right)

13. Snickers

14. Boost

13. Snickers (left) and 14. Boost (right)







15. Fudge

16. Toffee Crisp

17. Cadbury’s Caramel

18. Turkish Delight

19. Picnic

20. Crunchie