The Best Free YouTube to MP3 converters 2020!

There are literally a lot of YouTube to MP3 converters these days that it can surely be hard to trust which one is the best. But not to worry because we have rounded up some of the best options for you through which you can rip the audio from your favorite YouTube videos and save it in the format of MP3 quickly and safely.

When looking for a suitable YouTube to MP3 converter, one of the most important things to consider is how many times you are thinking about using the converter because if you just need it for one or two videos then considering an online tool might do the job but if you need to do convert many videos then it’s worth downloading a desktop application.

YouTube to MP3 converters is the best tool if you want to enjoy music from a video offline whenever you would like or if you would like to turn your favorite YouTube channel into a podcast, provided that you have the copyright owner’s permission. But there are a lot of options in the market, so we have made it easier for you by rounding up three excellent YouTube to MP3 converters so that you can choose the best one by weighing the pros and cons.

4K YouTube to MP3

4K YouTube to MP3 converter is a quick, surprisingly flexible, and easy to use feature, dedicated specifically to strip down the audio from the videos. The feature allows its users to save the soundtracks of their videos in OGG and M4A formats and also you can choose the suitable balance of quality and speed from various bitrates but telling from experience, downloading at the highest bitrate is very quick and not much painful.

It not only supports the YouTube website but also is used to save the sound from videos hosted on SoundCloud, Facebook, Vimeo, and others. To get started, you just have to copy the address from your web browser and click on the green ‘Paste URL’ button and it is perfect for daily usage.

  • Simple to use
  • Choice of audio formats
  • Supports other video sites
  • No extra bundled software

If you are looking for a fast yet flexible converter then is the one for you as this feature is a packed program that can literally handle just about any video that you would like to convert into an MP3 form.  It can also be easily used to download videos from the YouTube site and save them in MP3 formats.

Youtube to mp3 app has a larger spectrum of options than what you might be expecting but this should not put you off at all because downloading MP3s from this feature is as simple as pasting the URL of the video you chose from YouTube and waiting for it to download. You can then select whatever MP3s as an output format and click the Convert Now Button.

  • Wide range of format options
  • Profiles for different devices
  • Bundled extra software
  • Extra effects and filters

Free YouTube to MP3 converter

When you install this converter, you’re in for a treat because it does exactly what you’d expect (that is converting the videos from YouTube to MP3 formats) but it has one drawback that unlike Any Video Converter Free, there may be bundled adware from ByteFence to avoid, so just watch out for that while installing and you can easily uncheck any bits and pieces that you might not want.

After installing, you can get on with the converting process by choosing the quality and format that you want for the video to get saved in and paste the URL and just click Download. Your desired files will be converted in just one swoop. This feature has been designed as effectively as possible with nothing superfluous or confusing.

  • Easy to use
  • Can simply merge videos
  • Very well- designed interface
  • Contains Ads