Texas school shooting at Robb Elementary

Victor Luna, a parent of a student at Robb Elementary School (CNN)

Victor Luna, a parent of a student at Robb Elementary School, said he pleaded with officers to give him their gear so he could go inside as the shooting was happening.

“I told one of the officers myself, if they didn’t want to go in there, let me borrow his gun and a vest, and I’ll go in there myself to handle it, and they told me no,” he told CNN, adding that he wanted the officers to “go in and get rid of that man, that shooter.”

“I mean, they took a while for them to go in there. So I mean this tragedy happened, like kids didn’t make it out,” he continued. “They were doing their job, but they could have done it quicker before that man went in the school.”

His son Jayden survived Tuesday’s mass shooting. He said he also had grandchildren in the school.

Luna told CNN that he saw some officers going in and out of the building, but he wanted to see more.

“In a situation like that they should have just all went in – I mean they’re innocent students in there. They could have gunned him down just like he did them when he walked in,” he said.

Luna noted that he had waited about two to three hours before they started bringing kids out of the school. “That was what was aggravating me, cause I want to see my son. I didn’t know what was going on he could have been in there dead,” he said.

Jayden is hurting and doesn’t want to be by himself, Luna added.

Derek Gonzalez, a witness to the scene, told CNN he saw “family members crying, screaming.”

“They were like give me the vest, you know, I’ll go in there,” he said. “And the cops were pushing people back to get out of the way.”

They were outside for what felt like “forever,” Gonzalez added. 

He said his aunt is a fourth-grade teacher in the same building. She survived and is “shaken up,” he said. His cousin lost his daughter, Amerie Garza, in the massacre.