Tech: iRobot’s new £900 Roomba vacuum cleaner is trained to avoid dog and cat faeces

A man trying to save time by cleaning his home got more than he bargained for when his robot smeared dog poo all over the floor.

Ryan Landy set his automatic Roomba device to vacuum his home in Coral Springs, Florida. 

The hands-free machine ended up running into faeces left behind from his dog — causing far more of a mess than Ryan had on his hands to begin with.

The 23-year-old aspiring film director took to Facebook to jokingly declare he would ‘need therapy’ after the gross incident. 

Mr Ladry’s Roomba robot, pictured, was more of a hindrance than a help when it came into contact with his pet’s poo 

The Florida-native also shared the epic house cleaning fail to Reddit, where it became the most popular post of the day. Over 82,000 people have interacted with Landy’s post in the ‘Well, That Sucks’ forum. 

Landy stated that the dog in question was a new rescue pup adopted by the family. The new addition to the household is also still being trained. 

‘We had the Roomba in a room with the door closed, the dog opened the door and took a s**t, couldn’t have really predicted it lol,’ Landy told members. 

Reddit commenters weighed in with options about what he would do, with members joking that he should either buy a new Roomba — to clean up the mess of the old Roomba — and even that he should buy a new house.

Other people on the thread commented that they had had similar experiences. 

‘Just happened to me a few months back, with half of my floor being carpeted,’ one user with the handle @204_no_content said. 

‘You’ve got to completely disassemble the Roomba and deep clean it. 

‘The wheels and brushes were the worst. Cleaning the carpet was child’s play compared to the Roomba restoration.’ 

Ryan Landy, 23, was not pleased arriving home to the mess left by the Roomba

Ryan Landy, 23, was not pleased arriving home to the mess left by the Roomba 

Another pet-owner said that their Roomba had, unfortunately, run into both cat poo and cat puke. 

‘You take some pictures, you clean the floor, you swear at the cat, you swear at the Roomba, you clean the Roomba a bit, you post to reddit, you search for “how to dismantle Roomba”. You clean the Roomba a bit more. You answer some posts on reddit, you enjoy the karma, you clean the Roomba a bit more,’ the commenter joked. 

A 2016 article that ran in The Guardian detailed a ‘poopocalypse’, with many owners of Roombas recalling times where their pets’ poo had been smeared all over the house by the handy robot. 

A representative from iRobot, which manufactures the device, told the outlet that disasters like this did used to happen with depressing frequency.

‘Quite honestly, we see this a lot,’ the spokesperson said. 

‘We generally tell people to try not to schedule your vacuum if you know you have dogs that may create such a mess. With animals anything can happen.’