Taylor Kitsch says no to appearing in a ‘Friday Night Lights’ reunion or reboot

The actor told Variety, “You may see [a reunion or reboot], but I will not be a part of it,” he said. “I’m done. I’m good. I want to keep growing as an actor. Going back to Rigs — let him live in everyone else’s memories. Whatever that is, whatever he means to them, let him lay there.”

Kitsch played Tim Riggins on the hit NBC drama from 2006 to 2011 and said he appreciates the opportunities the show provided him.

“It was such a huge springboard for me, but I’m such a different actor now. It allowed me to explore the process, be f***ing green and embrace it,” he added.

Kitsch has since gone on to appear in numerous films, including “Lone Survivor,” “Only The Brave,” and “21 Bridges.” Currently he stars in Amazon Prime’s “The Terminal List” alongside Chris Pratt.