Take our royally entertaining quiz to find out how well YOU know the royal family 

1) What did the Duchess of Cambridge give the Queen during her first Christmas spent with the Royal Family?

A. Hand-knitted scarf.

B. Scented candle.

C. Homemade chutney (made using her grandmother’s recipe).

2) Which member of the Royal Family once claimed: ‘I’m not going to be some person in the Royal Family who just finds a lame excuse to go abroad and do all sorts of sunny holidays and whatever’?

A. Duchess of York. 

B. Prince Harry. 

C. Princess Beatrice.

3) A glass of what cocktail is the Queen said to have before lunch each day?

A. Gin and Dubonnet. 

B. Pink gin.

C. Whisky sour.

Prince Charles often starts the day with a boiled egg. For how long does he like it boiled?

4) The company Cornelia James provides the Queen with which item of attire?

A. Dresses. She always goes for bright colours that make her stand out from the crowd.

B. Gloves. The Queen is thought to buy several dozen pairs of gloves each year, and is known to wear favourites for decades.

C. Shoes. She is believed to have ten pairs on the go at any one time.

5) Which American president was an 11th cousin twice removed to Princess Diana?

A. Bill Clinton.

B. George Bush.

C. Donald Trump.

6) At the opening of an exhibition of which artist’s nudes did the Queen tell one of her aides that she must avoid being ‘photographed between a pair of those great thighs’?

A. Lucian Freud. B. Tracey Emin. C. Jenny Saville.

7) What colour of spare outfit do royals routinely take with them on foreign trips for use in an emergency?

A. White — for use on particularly hot days.

B. Black — should mourning attire suddenly be needed.

C. Purple — an ecclesiastical shade for church services.

Which American president was an 11th cousin twice removed to Princess Diana?

Which American president was an 11th cousin twice removed to Princess Diana?

8) Since the 17th century, the monarch has appointed a Poet Laureate. The role comes with a small salary and a barrel of which consumable?

A. Sherry. Producers in Spain provide a butt (equivalent to 720 bottles) for each new appointee.

B. Whisky. Donated by Royal Lochnagar distillery near Balmoral.

C. Cider. From the Cornwall Cider company.

9) On being introduced to the Queen, what is the recommended term of greeting?

A. Ma’am. 

B. Your Royal. Highness. 

C. Your Majesty.

10) Coventry Transport Museum counts among its collection an unassuming 1980 Austin Mini Metro. To whom did it belong?

A. Princess Diana.

B. The Duchess of York.

C. The Countess of Wessex.

11) According to a former royal chef, which of the following foods has the Queen banned from her kitchens?

A. Mangoes. 

B. Garlic.

C. Chocolate.

12) Which royal bride broke tradition by choosing a ready-made engagement ring from a catalogue?

A. Meghan Markle, Pandora.

B. Princess Eugenie, Tiffany & Co.

C. Princess Diana, Garrard.

13) Prince Charles often starts the day with a boiled egg. For how long does he like it boiled?

A. Three and half minutes.

B. Four minutes.

C. Four and a half minutes.

14) On a 1961 visit to Gambia, the Queen was presented with a pet that her private secretary kept in his bath until it could be rehoused in a zoo. What animal was it?

A. A baby crocodile. Presented in a silver biscuit tin.

B. A monitor lizard. Handed to her with a lead round its neck.

C. A baby hippopotamus. It came in a wicker cage.

15) Which foreign country has the Queen visited most often?

A. Canada. 

B. The U.S. 

C. India.

16) Which British film director is sixth cousin to the Duchess of Cambridge and received an invitation to her wedding to Prince William?

A. Kenneth Branagh. 

B. Guy Ritchie. 

C. Danny Boyle.

17) The Queen has a mascot that sits upon the bonnet of her royal cars. What is it?

A. A lion rampant. 

B. A unicorn.

C. A statuette of St George slaying the dragon.

18) In 2000 Prince Charles made a cameo appearance in which soap opera?

A. Coronation Street. Charles is seen visiting Weatherfield Town Hall.

B. EastEnders. He is poured a pint by Barbara Windsor in the Queen Vic.

C. Emmerdale. He is seen driving a tractor in one scene.

19) What type of sweet does the Queen consider her trusted cure for jet lag?

A. Barley sugars.

B. Fox’s glacier mints.

C. Werther’s Originals.

20) Princess Diana’s stepmother, Raine, Countess Spencer, was the daughter of which novelist?

A. Mary Wesley. B. Barbara Cartland. C. Rebecca West.

21) Who was the first monarch or heir to the throne to complete a university degree?

A. Prince William. B. Prince Charles. C. The Queen.

22) Which royal duo have raced against each other in the popular motoring show, Top Gear?

A. Zara and Mike Tindall.

B. Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

C. Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

23) Which royal appeared in the long-running radio drama, The Archers, in 2011, in their real-life role as president of the National Osteoporosis Society? (Princess Margaret had appeared in the same show in 1984.)

A. Duchess of Kent. 

B. Princess Michael. 

C. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

24) Which year of the 20th century saw three kings on the British throne? (George V died, Edward VIII abdicated and George VI ascended to the throne).

A. 1926 

B. 1936 

C. 1938.

25) As part of the London 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony, the ‘Queen’ was shown making her entrance into the Olympic Stadium using what dramatic form of transport?

A. A tank 

B. A parachute.

C. A speedboat.

26) Judith Keppel was the first jackpot winner on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? But which member of the Royal Family is a distant cousin?

A. Duchess of Cornwall.

B. Duchess of Cambridge.

C. Princess Alexandra.

27) Which actor — who can trace his family line back to James II of Scotland — is an eighth cousin to the Queen’s children?

A. Gerard Butler. 

B. Ralph Fiennes. 

C. Ewan McGregor.

28) In 1992, a transcript was published of a telephone conversation between Princess Diana (who was still married to Prince Charles at the time) and a man named James Gilbey. What nickname did he call the princess 14 times in the call?

A. Squidgy. 

B. Podge. 

C. Sausage.

29) During her wedding vows, Princes Diana stumbled over Prince Charles’s name. What new first name did she briefly give him?

A. Philip. 

B. Andrew. 

C. Edward.

30) Which year did the Queen refer to as her ‘annus horribilis’ in her Christmas address? It included much-publicised problems in the marriages of Charles, Anne and Andrew and a fire at Windsor Castle.

A. 1989. 

B. 1991.

C. 1992.

31) What did the Queen feed her corgis?

A. Each dog had an individually tailored menu.

B. Pedigree Chum.

C. The finest venison steak.

32) In 1963, the papers reported that the then 14-year-old Prince of Wales had bought alcohol costing two shillings and sixpence in a bar while on a school trip. What was his tipple?

A. Cherry brandy. 

B. Crème de menthe. 

C. Guinness.

33) When she is in residence at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Balmoral or Holyroodhouse, the Queen can hear what type of musician playing beneath her window each morning?

A. A trumpeter.

B. A piper.

C. A drummer.

34) Following worldwide interest in a particular part of their anatomy, which royal insider later reflected: ‘As I found out, recognition has its upside, its downside and — you may say — its backside’.

A. Selina Scott. 

B. Pippa Middleton. 

C. Cressida Bonas.

35) Which actor was in Prince William’s year at Eton?

A. Damian Lewis.

B. Eddie Redmayne.

C. Benedict Cumberbatch.

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Quiz answers

1 C. Homemade chutney, made using her grandmother’s recipe.

2 B. Prince Harry.

3 A. Gin and Dubonnet.

4 B. Gloves.

5 B. George Bush.

6 A. Lucian Freud.

7 B. Black.

8 A. Sherry.

9 C. Your Majesty.

10 A. Princess Diana.

11 B. Garlic.

12 C. Princess Diana.

13 B. Four minutes.

14 A. A crocodile.

15 A. Canada. The US comes second.

16 B. Guy Ritchie.

17 C. Statuette of St George

slaying the dragon.

18 A. Coronation Street.

19 A. Barley sugars.

20 B. Barbara Cartland.

21 B. Prince Charles, who studied history, archaeology and anthropology at Cambridge, between 1967 and 1970.

22 A. Zara and Mike Tindall.

23 C. Camilla, Duchess

of Cornwall.

24 B. 1936.

25 B. A parachute.

26 A. Duchess of Cornwall.

27 B. Ralph Fiennes.

28 A. Squidgy.

29 A. Philip.

30 C. 1992.

31 A. Tailored menus.

32 A. Cherry brandy.

33 B. A piper.

34 B. Pippa Middleton.

35 B. Eddie Redmayne.

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