Swimsuit Caring Tips For Superior Longevity

Written by Paul Sebastian

When it comes to beaches, the Land Down Under is famous for its long, white coastlines with crystal clear waters. You’ve got Bondi Beach, Mandalay Beach, Surfer’s Paradise, and more. Australia, the only country in the world that is also a continent, is also popular for the Great Barrier Reef. This amazing place is the largest coral reef system with 2,300 individual reefs and 900 islands spanning thousands of kilometres. Because of these factors, Aussies and the throngs of tourists who come enjoy basking in the sun, sea, and sand.

If you visit Oz, you’ve got to pack several swimsuits to ensure you enjoy your holiday. Just remember that your swimwear in Australia shall be exposed to all the harsh environmental elements. Apart from grainy sand, saltwater, and UV rays, you’ve got to worry about your sunscreen and pool chemicals. Since you’ve invested your hard-earned money on your swimwear, you must take care of it to ensure longevity. No matter how durable a suit is, it won’t last long if you don’t maintain it.

Make It a Habit to Rinse

It is imperative to make a quick swimsuit rinse your habit. Most swimwear contains spandex or lycra. Sadly, these compounds stretch and breakdown when exposed to harsh chemicals. In fact, the unique fibres will react with your sweat. More so, when you expose them to saltwater, chlorine, body oils, etc. The fibres become less elastic with exposure. Chlorine is the worst offender because it turns your suit yellow. To minimise damage, wash with tap water as soon as you can.

Pay Attention to Detergent Use

Your swimsuit covers the delicate parts of your body, so you must avoid harsh chemicals at all costs. Besides, your swimsuit doesn’t get super soiled, so a harsh detergent is not necessary. It would be best if you utilised a mild soap to ascertain no chemical sediments cling to the suit, which may cause skin irritation. A detergent meant for delicates is your best bet because it also won’t kill the suit fibres.

Wash With Hands For Superior Results

A variety of brands come with different washing and care instructions. That being said, hand washing is the number one method. Besides, your teeny-weeny bikinis won’t require much effort. When you dump your swimwear in the washer with all your other clothes, the delicate materials will take a harsh beating. The pads, tiny ties, and liners become deformed, which is terrible because it means your suit will no longer fit properly. It would be a nightmare to flash people with your body parts because your suit is too loose.

Ensure Those Suits Are in Rotation

Every girl must have more than one swimwear in her wardrobe. Besides giving you fashion choices when you are in the mood to mix and match, owning several pieces means you can put them on rotation. Donning the same swimwear in Australia every single time means it will lose its shape swiftly. With proper suit rotation, you can have plenty of time to wash and dry properly. Most of all, it means your suit fibres will have a much-needed rest so they won’t deteriorate fast.

Avoid Wringing, Sun Drying, and Dryer Heating

Finally, you don’t have to wring and squeeze that suit dry. You may end up squishing the padding! You don’t want lopsided looking twins because of cup deformities. Too much agitation will damage the fibres. Hanging may also result in a misshapen suit because the weight will stretch downward due to gravity. Hanging it out in the sun can also cause deformities. And, of course, drying in a machine is a big fat NO because you will melt the spandex and lycra. For best results, lay out your swimwear to dry. Make sure there is no trace of dampness upon storage to keep mould and mildew at bay!