Suing Rideshare Companies After Accident: 6 Important Steps To Take

When you are injured in an accident involved with rideshare, you are entitled by law to get compensated for the injuries you sustained.

However, sometimes, it can be challenging to determine who is responsible for the compensation since it might involve other drivers and the ridesharing company like Lyft or Uber that has been negligent and can be held liable.

Sometimes, it can be hard to determine the liability in rideshare accidents. However, aside from the rideshare company, you could also sue the third party involved or the rideshare driver.

So you have to take steps immediately after the accident to ensure you protect your right and build a case that will help you get every deserved compensation in the settlement. Below are seven steps that you can take.

Let’s get started.

Call the police

When involved in an accident, your first step should be to call the emergency services. Sometimes, people feel it is not essential to call the police. Some even feel guilty calling the police over little collisions.

However, when you call the police, they will respond by coming down to the crash site to make a detailed investigation and report of the accident scene.

Their duties include taking statements from you and other victims or witnesses before investigating the accident scene to ensure the statements match the scene. They would also contact emergency medical personnel to treat victims and take those with severe cases to the emergency room.

When calling the police, you shouldn’t reduce the seriousness of the accident since minor collisions can also affect your health and insurance policy. Also, documentation from emergency responders at the accident scene will be helpful for you and the rideshare attorney for the later claim.

When you do not call the police, the court might not believe your claim that you were injured or that a collision occurred since there is no evidence. This might make it harder for your attorney to help you win compensation.

Consult with an experienced accident attorney before you speak with the insurance

Before speaking with an insurance company, you must work with a rideshare accident lawyer who is well versed in such matters to increase your chances of getting a successful claim. Several insurance companies might call you days after the accident.

However, you should not discuss your claim with them till you have spoken with your lawyer.

This is because you might say things that might weaken your case in court. Speaking with an experienced rideshare lawyer would reduce some of the pressure you might receive from the insurance agents.

In such accidents, time is significant, so you must contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Having the right team working for you will make all the difference in ensuring your case goes well.

Get prompt medical attention

Usually, car accidents can leave their victims feeling confused and in shock. Sometimes, they might not even realize they are injured. This is why it is crucial to receive medical treatment promptly.

A doctor should examine you for about two days after the accident, even when you feel there is no injury. This is to ensure that there is no sequela.

Sometimes, you might not experience certain types of injuries like organ damage, back or spinal damage, or brain injuries for several days after the accident.

Additionally, you would need medical receipts, bills, and other means to avoid any dispute with insurance companies. This evidence is proof to show how serious your injuries are or the extent.

Gather vital evidence and information

An essential part of suing rideshare companies lies in the details or evidence you can provide. You must gather all vital information and evidence if you wish to remember all the details surrounding the accident.

This information will include videos or pictures taken from the accident scene if you have one.

Pictures of the accident will show several angles and other details you might not remember. Also, you should document the damaged areas, traffic conditions, and injuries that might be relevant to your case and help you succeed.

Also, speaking with witnesses and getting their information so they can testify will be helpful. It would be best if you didn’t forget to get the drivers’ names, insurance information, phone number, license number, and also that of the rideshare driver.

Contact the rideshare company about the accident

From your mobile rideshare app, you should be able to report the accident situation in the trip issues section.

There, you can in detail describe the situation leading to the accident. After this, the rideshare company will contact you via the details provided to discuss the collision. However, it would be best if you had your attorney by your side for the discussion.

There is the possibility that the rideshare company might record and take notes of things you say in the hope that you say something to reduce their liability. Therefore, you should be honest but not modest. Don’t reduce your accident experience.

The method of making a claim and the coverage usually depends on the rideshare company that was involved in the accident. So you must speak to a professional and knowledgeable lawyer to better understand the process and help you exercise your rights.

Report the accident with your insurance company

If you are a driver in your car, you must let your insurance company know about the damages incurred by your car. It is not necessarily crucial that you go into too much detail immediately. You have to let your insurance company know the details of the situation.

That’s A Wrap

With the advent of rideshare companies like Uber, Lyft, Via, Juno, and others, there have been increasing concerns, confusion, and pains about how rideshare passengers and other motorists can seek compensation when injured in a rideshare car accident.

Insurance laws are usually confusing and complex to individuals. And there is a whole lot of complexity involved in suing rideshare companies.

However, hiring the services of a professional and experienced accident lawyer would help take over your confusion and ensure you get the compensation you are entitled to.