Strict mum tells Kyle and Jackie O she wants her pregnant 20-year-old daughter to get an abortion

Strict mum sparks outrage after telling her ‘unmarried’ daughter, 20, to ABORT her baby because she’s ‘too young’: ‘It’s not a dog’

  • A conservative mum said wants her young pregnant daughter to get an abortion
  • Cathy, 48, called into the Kyle and Jackie O radio show with her conundrum
  • Her daughter is 20 years old and six weeks pregnant with her boyfriend 
  • Cathy said she either wants her to get married or terminate the pregnancy
  • Her dilemma sparked a heated debate as listeners called in with their opinions 

A concerned Australian mum sparked a heated debate after revealing she is trying to convince her 20-year-old pregnant daughter to get an abortion. 

Calling into the Kyle and Jackie O radio show on KIISFM, Cathy said she wants her daughter who lives at home to either marry the baby’s father or terminate the pregnancy. 

‘I grew up in very strict home, in those days you got married – you didn’t have a baby without getting married,’ she told the hosts. 

‘It’s a baby, it’s not a dog.’ 


Conservative mum, Cathy sparked a heated debate on Kyle and Jackie O show after saying she wants her 20-year-old pregnant daughter to get an abortion 

The 48-year-old’s daughter is six weeks pregnant with her boyfriend of two years and the couple each still live with their parents.  

‘We’ve been fighting about it, I told her that I’d like her to get married but she’s not interested in get married,’ Cathy said. 

‘So you’d be happy to become a grandmother and have the baby if they were getting married and going forward in life the way you think it should happen?,’ Kyle asked to which Cathy firmly responded: ‘Yes I do’. 

‘That’s a big call Cathy to say someone should terminate their pregnancy because of an antiquated belief,’ Jackie O responded. 

Cathy went on to say she doesn’t believe the young couple are ’emotionally ready’ for the responsibility of a baby and she worries, without the commitment of marriage, her daughter’s boyfriend might leave. 

‘What if this guy just decides to p*** off? Then what? I’m going to be with the baby and the child…It’s the commitment,’ she said. 

‘I also need her to understand that if she does go ahead with this she’s going to have to work out how she’s going to do this, both of them, financially. How are they going to support a child when she won’t be able to work?’

While her baby’s father does have a steady job, Cathy said he’s ‘not on a great income’. 

The shock jock and his co-host put Cathy’s conundrum out to their listeners and asked people to call in with their opinions sparking a heated debate.  

The 48-year-old's daughter is six weeks pregnant with her boyfriend of two years and the couple each still live with their parents

The 48-year-old’s daughter is six weeks pregnant with her boyfriend of two years and the couple each still live with their parents

Former nurse, Karen got on the line and shared her emotional story about how she was forced to get an abortion when she was young by her strict mother and regrets it. 

Through tears, the 50-year old said she has since not been able to fall pregnant, suffered six miscarriages and claimed people who get an abortion can later find it difficult to conceive. 


Who’s side are you on?

  • Cathy’s 14 votes
  • Her daughter’s 36 votes

Caller Matt chimed in saying he thought Cathy was ‘disgusting’ for telling her daughter to terminate her pregnancy. 

‘You can’t control your daughter’s life she’s 20 years old for god’s sake, she’s an adult not a teenager,’ he said. 

Another impassioned listener agreed with Cathy ‘100 per cent’ saying he doesn’t think a 20-year-old is responsible enough to have a child. 

‘No matter what anyone says this child is going to be left on Cathy – the daughter is going to be so overwhelmed she’s gong to say ‘mum you deal with it’,’ he said.

The conversation got heated when a mum who had a child at just 21-years-old joined saying she doesn’t regret her decision for ‘one moment’. 

‘Who died and made you God?,’ she said. 

‘You don’t know Cathy’s daughter, you don’t know what she’s capable of. Cathy doesn’t have the confidence in her own daughter to even raise a child.’

After hearing everyone’s hot takes, Cathy said she plans to have another talk with her daughter and her boyfriend to come to a decision everyone is happy with.   

‘It’s a really difficult conversation, it’s a really difficult topic and it’s really not one any of us would like to find ourselves in at any point,’ she said. 

‘I will sit down with her we will try and have another discussion. I will sit down with both of them and we will see if we can work our way through this.’