Stephen A. Smith brands Jason Whitlock ‘the devil’, a ‘b****’ and a ‘sorry fat piece of s***’ in furious 59-minute tirade vs. rival: ‘He is the worst human being any of you will ever meet’

Stephen A. Smith launched a furious and foul-mouthed attack on Jason Whitlock on Wednesday’s edition of the Stephen A. Smith Show, branding his rival ‘the devil’. 

The X-rated tirade came after Whitlock penned a column claiming details in Smith’s recently-released memoir did not ‘add up’. 

On Wednesday afternoon Smith teased a savage response, vowing: ‘Today is the day I finally speak my mind about that no good fat b******.’ Then, hours later, the host of ESPN’s ‘First Take’ unloaded on his rival. 

‘I hate this b*****. Far more than a little bit. He is the worst human being any of you will ever meet,’ Smith said. 

‘You get within a mile of his presence, wrap your arms around yourself to protect your soul. He is Cain. He is a devil, the worst. That’s all I have to say.’ 

Smith added: ‘You betrayed me, did you tell the folks that?’ You b****. Did you tell them? You fat piece of s***. Did you tell them that?’

‘I said to (ex-NBA player) Isiah Thomas, I said to (sports writer) Dan Le Batard, if you care anything about our friendship, don’t ever call me about him again.

‘I’m a very forgiving person. Not with him. I don’t care what beef I had, I don’t care how many of you out there hate me, whatever former athletes, all this stuff… man, please. I’m sorry. Because I certainly don’t hate y’all. 

‘We might have our differences from time to time. But it ain’t ever that. This is the exception.’