Some Important Tips for Proper Aftercare of New Tattoos

The most sincere advice I can offer on how to properly aftercare your new tattoo is not to apply any lotion on a fresh tattoo. Although, there are many artists who advise their customers to use a rich lotion for the first few days of healing. These ointments are unscented, colorless that keep the skin moisturized, protected from sunlight and prevent color fading. These lotions are relatively cheap and easily available at local drug or makeup store. However, the truth is that almost all of these lotions contain ingredients that are recently proven to be unsafe than beneficial for your tattoo pattern. Here are some useful tips for tattoo aftercare:


Gently cleanse your fresh tattoo daily with any fragrance-free lotion. Take a shower with anti-bacterial soap and lukewarm water.


In the first three weeks, you have to stay out of the sun and away from any heat until the tattoo gets healed properly. In the first few days, don’t go swimming. Keep your tattoo dry and clean. For the first 24 hours, ice the tattoo as often as you can. The icing is the best way that helps reduce inflammation and also relieves pain.

Apply Oil-based Ointments

For the first few days, don’t use any kind of lotion because of the high risk of infection. Only use oil-based products for the first three days. There are various organic products that are very effective and safe. These products will definitely speed up the healing process. In case of immediate tattoo are, use oil-based products including hemp oil, tea tree oil, seed oil, jojoba oil and aloe vera gel.

Tea tree oil contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. This is one of the effective remedies that will protect you against countless skin ailments, cuts, inflammation, insect bites, infections, scrapes, burns, skin spots etc. Combine hemp seed oil with tea tree oil for best results. Utilization of these oils will slightly moisturize, protect and heal your skin without initiating irritation or color loss. You may also go to different tattoo studios where professional tattoo artists can offer you more effective aftercare tips.

Avoid Plasma Crust on Your Skin

For the first day, your tattoo will ooze a liquid known as plasma. Try not to let this crust on your tattoo, but if it does, immediately wash it off with lukewarm water.

Apply Lotion

After three days, you can use any organic lotion to keep your skin moisturized. The lotion will make your skin hydrated during the peeling process. This will also help with itchiness, flakiness and prevent fading. Just like I said before, avoid lotions that contain harmful ingredients such as petroleum or lanolin. Instead, use natural lotions that are rich in fatty acids and give you free radical protection and non-sticky hydration.

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