Sky Sports Tennis prank Jamie Carragher and Nasser Hussain by bombarding them with balls in HILARIOUS launch video for the broadcaster’s new channel

  • Sky Sports pranked a host of their pundits to celebrate their new tennis channel
  • Jamie Carragher was bombarded with tennis balls during an unsuspecting prank
  • Tennis balls were fired at Carragher and other pundits from areas of the studio

Jamie Carragher and Nasser Hussain were unsuspecting victims of a hilarious sporting prank that saw the pair bombarded with tennis balls.

The duo – alongside several other headline pundits on Sky Sports – thought they were in for a quiet afternoon at the broadcaster’s head office when they were pranked.

To celebrate the launch of Sky’s new tennis channel, the organisation planned a trick on some of their pundits that provoked some brilliantly comical reactions.

Karen Carney, Natalie Pinkham, Izzy Christiensen, Naomi Schiff and Tamsin Greenway were also on the receiving end as balls were fired at them from various areas of the studio.

Individuals arrive at the studio to film promotions for the new channel and carry out their regular tasks but things quickly turn into chaos as the balls begin to rain down from unlikely places.

Carragher is sat in a comfy leather chair alongside live football presenter David Jones when hundreds of tennis balls are dropped from the ceiling midway through the Liverpool legend is speaking to the camera.

The pair are immediately stunned with Carragher sitting back and throwing his hands up in the air while Jones attempts to protect himself from the green missiles crashing into every part of the room. 

More to follow. 

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