Sharon Stone to write a Hollywood memoir that looks at her violent childhood and the price of fame

Sharon Stone has taken on a new, real-life role — memoir writer.

“I have learned to forgive the unforgivable,” said Stone, whose memoir, titled The Beauty of Living Twice, comes out in March of 2021. 

The book will be published by Knopf in Canada.

“My hope is that as I share my journey, you too will learn to do the same,” said Stone.

Publisher Alfred A. Knopf announced that the 62-year-old actor will reflect on everything from her painful childhood in Pennsylvania to such films as the star-making erotic thriller Basic Instinct and Martin Scorsese’s mobster epic Casino, for which she received an Academy Award nomination and a Golden Globe award.

Sharon Stone in the 1992 thriller, Basic Instinct. (TriStar Pictures)

She’ll also write about her two marriages, her near-fatal stroke in 2001, and her humanitarian work on behalf of AIDS research and other causes.

“Stone in these pages echoes the Stone who made headlines throughout her career: she is courageous, honest, and outspoken, refusing to pull any punches when discussing aspects of the trauma and violence she endured as a child and how her chosen career as an actress echoed many of those same assaults,” Knopf said in a statement.