Shark spotted near swimmers at Dongara beach in WA a day after 16-year-old dies from shark attack

Terrifying moment a massive shark heads towards swimmers at a busy beach just days after a teenage girl was mauled to death

  • Potential tiger shark spotted nearby popular beach
  • The Dongara swimmers rushed ashore to safety 
  • Just one day after 16-year-old killed by bull shark 

A massive shark just metres away from swimmers at a popular beach in Western Australia, sparked desperate warnings from locals who screamed ‘get out of the water’.

The shark was spotted in swallow water at Grannies Beach in Port Denison by concerned witnesses on a nearby road in Dongara, north of Perth on Sunday.

One day earlier, a 16-year-old girl was killed by a bull shark while swimming with a pod of dolphins in the Swan River in north-west Perth.

A potential tiger shark (pictured) was spotted in shallow water at Grannies Beach in Dongara, West Australia on Sunday, one day after a 16-year-old was killed by a shark in Swan Lake

Can anyone confirm if there is a shark net at Dongara (WA)? If not this is stupidity and luck at its best.

Posted by Rob Paxevanos on Saturday, February 4, 2023

Footage of the encounter posted to Facebook, shows the shark slowly swimming closer to shore, as people standing on a pier shout out to beachgoers.

‘Shark! Get out of the water,’ they yelled at those in the predator’s path.

The swimmers, who were just metres away, start to rush back to shore as the shark continues to peruse the shoreline.

‘You’re dinner,’ a boy said and laughed in the clip.

The shark is yet to be identified, however a monster tiger shark was spotted in the area on Tuesday morning.

‘There is a big tiger that comes in there on a regular basis. See it all the time,’ one Facebook user commented under the video

Some social media users were quick to jump to the shark’s defence.

‘It’s only a tiger shark he was just cruising around,’ one user wrote.

‘Probably happens more than we know just happened to be caught on camera,’ another user commented.

‘It’s the risk we take when we enter their ocean.’

Locals yelled out to swimmers, sending them rushing to safety ashore (pictured)

Locals yelled out to swimmers, sending them rushing to safety ashore (pictured)

The encounter comes just one day after the tragic death of a teenage girl in the Swan River after being mauled by a bull shark.

On Saturday, Stella Berry, 16, was with friends on the banks of the Swan River in North Fremantle when she saw a pod of dolphins and jumped in the water.

Moments later, bystanders heard her screams as a shark had latched onto her leg and was pulled from the river with critical injuries and died on the scene.

‘It’s an extremely traumatic event for everyone involved and everyone who knew the young girl, so I won’t be going into the extent of the injuries,’ Fremantle District Acting Inspector, Paul Robinson, said.

‘It is unusual for a shark to be that far down the river.’